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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Bryan Adams
    "Who are you gonna run to, Now your ass is on the line. Who do you think you're foolin' We ain't got the time. Don't try to tell me, Who's wrong or right. Don't say that I There's no point in tryin'"
  • Tonight - Bruce Robison
    "They say when you are young, it's a shame you don't know But I remember laughin' wherever I'd go A flirt or a flame or a friend or a fight I can't come home now ma 'Cause anything might happen tonight"
  • Tonight - Easyworld
    "Forget me if you can This I understand too well A fail to make you mine Heart attack and lime taste good A thousand broken hearts Littering your path through here Tell me that you lied Say you never think"
  • Tonight - TV On The Radio
    "My mind is like an orchard Clustered in frozen portraits Blossoms that bloom so fine, just to drop from the vine I've seen them all tonight Who'd keep a silent orchard I'll shove it all to the floor boards Her"
  • Tonight - Cartel
    "Hey, oh this is another one honey But it's not the same you say "How could i ask you?" Oh c-c-c-come on let me ask you. Say, say it just once Then there's nothing left to be said Give me all, give me"
  • Tonight - Joe Cocker
    "(G.Sutton/M.Carl) A Little Bit Of Hope, Gone To Far A Little Bit Of Pain , Leaves A Scar You Got Yours, I'Ve Got Yours A Little Bit Of Dream, Disappears When A Word Like Love Offers So Much Fear I'Ve"
  • Tonight - Stella
    "She puts her body to the test trying on her brand new dress shes looking for excitement to spread tonight a queen of spears, a queen of selling fights now there she goes, its got to be a pitch dark night"
  • Tonight - The Pierces
    "Every nightI'll never put the lights outCause someone elseWill drive aroundCause I'm coming 'roundBoys, boys, everywhereBut not a drop to drinkI want to find a good oneWho still knows how to thinkAnd it's"
  • Tonight - Uniting Nations
    "(In Yhe City) Tonight baby we can walk in the city Everything will feel alright.Tonight girl you know you looking so pretty Shining like a starSo brightTonight baby we can walk in the city Everything will"
  • Tonight - Tanya Stephens
    "Tomorrow Im Gonna Wake Up Wondering Why The Hell I Did This. Tomorrow Im Gonna Make Up Stories Bout How Somebody Spiked My Drink. Tomorrow When The Rumers Fly, Im Gonna Build Me An Alibi. Tomorrow When"

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