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Szparap harley vs dan

  • Sun Vs. Moon - Sage Francis
    "Th-the devil, Th-th-the devil, (repeat x4 then continues until "settle their differences") The devil only exists because of your belief in him, Same goes for that other guy, I believe the sun"
  • Trust Vs. Mistrust - The Spinto Band
    "Baby get close to me, Read another story, You got golden books for times like these, To stop me from crying, Baby get close to me, Its time for a feeding, Take your blouse so slowly, I wanna touch,"
  • Spy Vs. Spy - The Spinto Band
    "I'm alone at night and I just wanna hold you tight, But you're away from me, And I'm alone most days see things I wonder what you'd say if you'd agree with me, If you'd agree with me, Give my hand"
  • Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine - Refused
    "I'm tired of losing myself to some stupid childhood dream of what I could have been Money proves the point and I'm stuck between summer holidays & punk routine I shoot off a 100 things to remain more sorry"
  • Kids Vs. Adults - The Simpsons
    "Adults! Kids! Adults! Kids! Adults! Kids,You've had your fun now we've had our fill. Yeah,You're only here cuz Marge forgot her pill. Kids, you're all just scadalizing, vandalizing punks. Channel hopping,"
  • Timbaland Vs. Nephew - Timbaland
    "I ain't got no money I ain't got no car to take you on a date (aha) I can't even buy you flowers But together we could be the perfect soulmates (aha) Talk to me girl (Oh) Baby, it's alright now, you ain't"
  • Jin Vs. Logan - Jin
    "yo, if the rap game is whack, everybody's blamin you you from brooklyn? then biggie must be ashamed of you cause I'ma freestyle, show you how it is matter fact, you from bk, i heard they murder things"
  • Jin Vs. Skazoo - Jin
    "yo, i get girls, who you tryin to dis man? he masturbate so much he had to roc a wristband you got guns pointed my way he's so played out, i thought he was the old school joint of the day i got fans"
  • Jin Vs. Skitzoe - Jin
    "yo, you a sucka and i mean it kid my girl would never go with you cause she don't like guys with small penises don't make me have to come at you ay yo, cause as a rapper, you really don't have a chance"
  • Jin Vs. Sterling - Jin
    "(Sterling) Uh, yea, yo, yo, yo, yo, ay yo i'm mad free you actin like I ain't the one, why you got me battlin' Bruce Lee grandson yo, i'm a star he just a rookie leave rap alone and keep making fortune cookies"

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