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  • River Runs Dry - Bon Jovi
    "I didn't want to say it in this way I didn't want to see the day I'd say these words to you I didn't want have to explain Sometimes heroes have to lose It's killing me to see you cry Would it make it any"
  • Bleeding You Dry - EMF
    "Drinking there's no tomorrow Drowning sins and sorrows I've passed this way before And just drank some more I woke up with a red face And war paint And a loss of grace I won't be back in second place By"
  • Dry-Land Fish - Kentucky Headhunters
    "DRY-LAND FISH Written by Anthony Kenney, Greg Martin, Fred Young, Richard Young, and Doug Phelps >From the album "Songs from the Grass String Ranch" Vocals: Fred Young Well, springtime is coming and everything's"
  • Dry Grass & Shadows - Alela Diane
    "There are things that I've seen in my head while I'm sleeping in bed They do not wither in the morning light I'm taken back, oh I'm taken back to the dry grass and the shadows Thinking I'd like to look"
  • Cool Dry Place - Traveling Wilburys
    "Well I woke up this morning The place was such a wreck I couldn't reach the bathroom Thought I better clear the deck I tried to call the lawyer And asked him what to do He referred me to his doctor Who"
  • Tears run dry - Clay Aiken
    "Caught in a moment that won't let go Trying to find my way out When movin' on is a dead end road Might as well turn back around And I'm in the dark I'm completely numb Like a shadow that's turned to stone"
  • Cool dry place - George Harrison
    "Well I woke up this morning The place was such a reck I couldn't reach the bathroom Thought I'd better clear the deck I tried to call the lawyer And ask him what to do He referred me to his doctor Who"
  • Cry Yourself Dry - Jackie Greene
    "Many a month has come and has gone Since Ive been at home by your side And many a moon, I seen through the window Of the train I been destined to ride So cry, cry, cry yourself dry Youre standing out"
  • Dry Your Eyes - The Streets
    "In one single moment, your whole life can turn round I stand there for a minute, staring straight into the ground Looking to the left slightly, then looking back down The world feels like it's caved"
  • Junkies Running Dry - Operation Ivy
    "I always looked up to the ones who walked away Choosing themselves over preset ways Of looking at a future that had no room for the questions they lived for Always knew I never could have walked away myself My"

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