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Toto Cutugno Tol'ko my

  • Last Night - Toto
    "Well, there's a light in your eyes That's guiding my way to your doorstep And your voice called my name With a sound that I've never known I was a kid in a comicbook-world looking for answers When out"
  • Kingdom Of Desire - Toto
    "You used to be on fire now you chill me to the bone We used to fly like angels now we're sinking like a stone You say you're trying to help me but that ain't the way it feels I think you're trying to kill"
  • Living For The City - Toto
    "(S. Wonder) A boy is born in hard time Mississippi Surrounded by four walls that ain't so pretty His parents give him love and affection To keep him strong moving in the right direction Living just"
  • 99 - Toto
    "99 I've been waiting so long Oh 99 Where did we go wrong Oh 99 I love you 99 I keep breaking your heart Oh 99 How can we be apart Oh 99 I love you I never thought it would happen I feel quite the same I"
  • Better World - Toto
    "Hello my friends I'm calling to you The things we believed Are no longer true 'Cause we're older now So much wiser than before The pain that we've felt We hold deep inside The dues we have paid And the"
  • After You've Gone - Toto
    "You're just a mile away One thousand five tiny steps from here But if I brought you near Would you believe when I say It seems like yesterday That I could reach out and touch your face But as I fall from"
  • Mr. Friendly - Toto
    "Get out I won't even listen I can't hear a single word you say Enough of your intimidation Don't tell me 'bout the price I pay Take off don't want your kind of trouble Don't wanna see you hangin' 'round"
  • Afraid Of Love - Toto
    "You stole my heart the moment you came to town I said hello but you were gone when I turned around You can't get away, can't get away, even if you try now I wanna tell you but the words just can't be found I"
  • Gift With A Golden Gun - Toto
    "It's a twelve o'clock depression My mind is in recession And I can't answer you It's the day I can't remember I think it's late September Or is it April blue I can't find peace of mind in a world so unkind It's"
  • Burn Down The Mission - Toto
    "(E. John, B. Tapuin) You tell me there's an angel in your tree Did he say he'd come to call on me For things are getting desperate in our home Living in the parish of the restless folks I know Everybody"

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