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Vogue bedies

  • Small Town Girl - Claudia Church
    "(James Dean Hicks/Claudia Church) Her mama hangs up the clothes on the line Wearin' a smile while she's doing it Her daddy makes a living one day at a time For 23 years he's come through with it But she's"
  • Gibraltar - Abd Al Malik
    "Sur le dtroit de Gibraltar, y'a un jeune noir qui pleure un rve qui prendra vie, une fois pass Gibraltar. Sur le dtroit de Gibraltar, y'a un jeune noir qui se d'mande si l'histoire le retiendra comme celui"
  • Dead Man's Road - Running Wild
    "Loudest madness, silent sadness Bedlam, raving mad Frustration on the nation Entertainment all the way Perfect plastic, orgasmatic Silicone valley on two legs No meaning, TV-screening Boneheads right"
  • Na Audiencji - PRO8L3M
    "zaprosiłem ja na lody i domowy keks spaliła dwa vogue-i wtedy zaczęła pierd* eks pyta: co myślę o nim do nogi reks wtedy nie wiedziała jeszcze co to dobry seks poszliśmy spacerem na mój kwadrat w windzie"
  • Sausage - Lil Mama
    "Everybody get up Good morning to you The birds are chirping Eggs, bacon, grits You better use a condom if you taking that All these broke niggas that be on my Need to hop off Look, mama's in the kitchen,"
  • De l'air - Urban Trad
    "Pas la peine d'avoir Des montagnes de savoirDes ides qu'on souffle dans le noirJ'ai peur ici de voir finir ma vieDe voir par la fentre un ciel qui rtrcitLe souffle, le feu, l'espoir et je veuxPartager"
  • Guitare et tambourin - Dalida
    "Il a suffit qu'un beau matin Un tambourin suive le refrain d'une guitare Pour que partout de Tahiti la Volga Aussitt ce soit la mme histoire Et vole les jolies demoiselles Comme des tourterelles pour"
  • Occasionally - Melissa Etheridge
    "I saw you with your new friends....You wear them so well Broken shoes and loose ends....Gee you look swell Me I'm drinking too much coffee....And I'm smoking cigarettes I'm a deputy of habit....I just"
  • A Real Attitude - Procol Harum
    "She's got friends in high places, her picture's in vogue She's seen at the races and walking the dog She swallows the camera, she follows the press She covers the angles, she's dressed for success She"
  • Absolutely Fabulous (Single Version) - Pet Shop Boys
    "(Lights Models Guest list Just do your best, darling) Absolutely fabulous We're absolutely fabulous (Darling You are a fabulous, wonderful individual) (Oh, thank you) (And remember I've known you longer"

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