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ZGUBI������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������AM PANTOFELEK

  • I Am - G. Dep
    "(feat. Kool G. Rap, Rakim) G Rap with my nigga G-Dep We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know Y'all niggaz ain't ready for it Coming rambo style nigga 2 guns"
  • 3 AM - matchbox twenty
    "she say its cold outside and she hands me my raincoat shes always worried about things like that she says its all gonna end and it might as well be my fault and she only sleeps when its raining and she"
  • 5 am - Blue Rodeo
    "Blue Rodeo Miscellaneous 5 am with every breath we grow further apart sometimes I wish we didn't know how to talk and as we sort out the who said you said who said I said I only wish I came a little better"
  • AM/PM - American Nightmare
    "American Nightmare Miscellaneous AM/PM I was counting The good things about this city The only good thing is you are not here When you're around it Makes it hard to be what I need"
  • 3 AM - The Friday Night Boys
    "It started with a whisper It's you, I guess Outside my house at 3 am Consider this your last chance Now it seems You're choking on each word you said to me So write these words down Cause I know you won't"
  • 5 AM - Katy B
    "My feet won't stop, I can't keep still Be rocking this until the sunlight That beat's so sick, that tune's so ill Seems they know just how to move me right He looks my way, won't waste my time Looking"
  • Am Radio - Unified Theory
    "There is a reason why I can't speak Our short conversation means everything to me Fine young teacher, I need help with my cursive Bronze that apple I was so proud to give you This is my wall that fell"
  • Am Tag - Juliane Werding
    "Hey, das find ich ziehmlich gut das wir mal wieder losziehen ganz in Ruhe quatschen, nur wir drei erzhlt doch mal was luft, in Sachen Lust und Liebe Sag blo, Deine neuer Lover ist nicht frei zieh Dir den"
  • Adeus Am - Jo?o Gilberto
    "Intro: (A7+ E7/9 D7/9 A7+) C6/7 B6/7 E7/9 No posso mais, ai que saudade do Brasil A7+ C6/7 Ai que vontade que eu tenho de voltar B6/7"
  • Mon Am - Claude Barzotti
    "On dit New York et Miami et progrs et dmocratie, ha, ha. On dit qu'on peut y faire fortune, y trouver des morceaux de lune, ha, ha. Canon de Pruge et vie de Rome, les cathdrales de Barcelone, ha, ha. Des"

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