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adrenalin lpopez

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adrenalin lpopez
  • Gene Loves Jezebel 20 Killer Hurts
    "Hey big boss man You're stuck in a groove You're on a roller coaster You'd better stop You're gonna burn, burn, burn You'll do it again Pretty ballerina Dance across the floor She's got a head full of"
  • Iron Maiden The Assassin
    "(Harris) Now the contracts out They've put the word about I'm coming after you It's not the money I make It's the thrill of the chase And I'm coming after you I watch your every move Study the things"
  • Lou Reed Kicks
    "Hey man, what's your style How you get your kicks for living Hey man, what's your style How you get your adrenalin flowing now How you get your adrenalin flowing Hey man, what's your style I love the"
  • Magellan Songsmith
    "A writer like a blacksmith-forging works of iron The jagged edges tempered into solid scripts for hire Solitary craftsman at his console merging audio discrete An ever changing soundscape sets the stage;"
  • Stereophonics Postmen do not great movie heroes make
    "You're not in business to be popular It's become so much about personality I regard the theatre as the greatest of all arts form The most immediate way in which a human being Can share with another the"
  • Send More Paramedics Send More Paramedics - Heavy Metal Cowboy
    "Holed up in the warehouse Zombies all around Situation's desperate, but look what I have found Bazookas, sub-machine guns A box marked "TNT" Now we can show these mindless f**ks Just what kickin' ass means Time"
  • The Buzzcocks Friends Of Mine
    "Rita spits out her laurel leaf and grabs a piece of my pie she's gonna lead me up the mountain path as the crows fly Claudette's pretty quick off the mark like a polaris missile in heat she smiles at"
  • Asia Obsession
    "(Payne/Rodford) Can I feel your hair soft on wet skin Deep inside I bleed from the blade within Can I reach the burning, burning moon Can I change this madness, lust consume Breathing out and breathing"
  • Jimmy Buffett Kick It In Second Wind
    "One o'clock in the mornin', people pilin' into the door. Drinks are still comin' in and I'm barely hummin' and the audience is screamin' for more. Somebody's locked in the bathroom, manager can't find"
  • Onslaught Thrash Till The Death
    "Thrash till the death feeling the force deep inside Violence and pain on the power of metal we thrive Aural assault pounding your ears till they bleed Unholy sound thrashes till death is our breed Leather"

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