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  • Anchorite - Acumen Nation
    "i'm on the wayside and i'm made to feel ugly and i'm already lonely and i'm made to feel like an anchorite god's on my backside and i'm already over it but it's like an addiction and i'm made to feel like"
  • Cold Forgiveness - Napalm Death
    "25 years severed, Take it and like it, Feel like there's nothing more, And your story. Thirsty, despised, Real love destroys. Hungry for anger. Hungry for... anger. The face behind the face Cold forgiveness"
  • One Winged Angel - Nobou Uematsu
    "Burning inside with violent anger, Burning inside with violent anger, Sephiroth Sephiroth Fate - monstrous and empty, Fate - monstrous and empty, Come, come, O come, do not let me die Come, come, O come, do"
  • Die grenze (ang.) - Maanam
    "Barriers fences wires barricades barriers concrete rivers concrete mountains faceless people heartless hearts barriers confrontation aggravation tearing his hair in sheer despair what is he"
  • Channel - Boysetsfire
    "In demonstration our failures all aside We can burn this whole fucking system down And drive the bastards out Spit in the cynic's eye Has passion all run dry Expression of anger Testify... fight... Frustration"
  • Drained - Hypocrisy
    "Temple of darkness Slipping away through pain The fear of emptiness Helpless, I'm being drained Through the anger of what I have seen My life is leading ??? Never will I be free ??? between eyes Every"
  • Elements - Stratovarius
    "Elements -- Wind, Fire, Water, Earth Elements -- Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Joy Pools of sounds fill my mind A universe of shapes Kaleidoscope of colours Stargardens blossom in their solitude Spiral architecture Here"
  • Overthrown - Arsis
    "Aside from the memories This life and curse has failed us. Dreams lost to the greyest light Awoke screaming with bloodless eyes. So end it now, and see yourself (?), So end it now, this life has cursed"
  • Deep - Paradise Lost
    "Living Life Today When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Desperate Thoughts Living So Afraid When Tomorrow Brings This Trail Of Simple Thoughts Give In For One Day Face The Absolute That Things Won't Go Your"
  • Visage - Moonlight Awakening
    "into a dark despair, i see you turn away are you alone at last, is that the only way? i came to see the sun, i came to see the sky i came to watch the world that makes you cry i'm looking out of the"

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