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band of horses rockpaladt

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band of horses rockpaladt
  • Limp Bizkit Hell Of A Band
    "Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome to the center of the stage, the one, the only... You got it my hips are shaking left to right and uh, Limp Bizkit, Limp Bizkit's got the power. Say uh, Limp Bizkit, Limp"
  • Band Of Horses Lam On the Lam (In the City)
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Lam On the Lam (In the City) If the trials up here Are really getting you down You had a close call I didn't even see it in another one I hardly believed it all What the"
  • Band Of Horses Detlef Schrempf
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Detlef Schrempf And take a little walk when the worst is to come When I saw you looking like I never thought And say you're at a loss or forgot that words can do more than"
  • Band Of Horses No One's Gonna Love You
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses No One's Gonna Love You It's looking like a limb torn off Or altogether just taken apart We're reeling through an endless fall We are the ever-living ghost of what once was But"
  • Band Of Horses Cigarettes Wedding Bands
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Cigarettes Wedding Bands Working man's day wage, just piss it away Leaves it out in the weather Failure, he said, times two breeds contempt Wash your hands of it forever Violence"
  • Band Of Horses Marry Song
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Marry Song I'll marry my lover in a place to admire I don't have to even ask her I can look in her eyes And thank God that I am forgiven I thank all my friends To say I've"
  • Band Of Horses Ode To LRC
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Ode To LRC In the lobby of the LRC Well I knew I'd find something A hundred stroies sittin there to read I got my focals out I put 'em on and all is calm, all is calm Theres"
  • Apostle Of Hustle They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
    "What can you trust You can trust the open eyes Looking out from The body's blood disguise, Autumn colors Blinding me from up above Would be fire If we were making love Where is that body That zeros in"
  • Parachute Band Consume Me - Parachute Band
    "Lord, Lord Let Your Kingdom Come Lord, Lord Let Your Will Be Done In Me, Lord In Me Let the power of Your Holy Ghost, Be Manifest In Me, As You Guide Me Living Out Your Perfect Will Chorus: So Consume"
  • Band Of Horses Funeral
    "Im coming up only to hold you under Im coming up only to show you wrong and to know you is hard we wander to know you all wrong we won Ooooohh oooohh Ooooohhhoohhhhooh Really to late to call so be"

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