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  • Bed Of Roaches - Face Down
    "Night, Another night of the damned, Standing at the border to insanity land Dance of the dead in the midnight hour, Touching your cold lips, Shivering of lust Apathetic you stare, Into my infected"
  • Breakfast in bed - UB40
    "CHRISSIE:You've been crying your face is a messCome in baby, you can wipe the tears on my dressShe's hurt you again, I can tellI know that look so wellALI:Don't be shy, we've been here beforePull your"
  • Bed Of Ashes - July For Kings
    "Do you hear those distant voices and sounds through the flames the deafening drone of these clanking machines in the lights it's the same we're trying to free the sculpture from the stone we'll take the"
  • Bed Of Razors - Children Of Bodom
    "I see the candle light burning in your eyes, flaring up my eyes in flames On this pitch-black summer night... of passion and pain The razor caressed my flesh and my arms turned red, I feel a vast desire Years"
  • In my bed - B3
    "You came into my life Like an angel - looking for something new You said hello and then Something happened - a whole different avenue I took you in my arms And it felt good Just supernatural (Bridge) Let's"
  • Bed Of Prayer - Adam Green
    "hard to keep me hungry spinning the backsides bare praise be a little daisy who makes my bed of prayer fuss a little on the slave ship she's arriving at the source talk trash about a liar who's day has"
  • Bed of nails - Rockapella
    "The lullaby of BroadwaySave me from the bed of nails. Oh, rest a weary head.Just save me from a dead-end jailSave me from the bedYa know ya gotta catch a few z's, a get some shut-eye.Ya know ya gotta getcha"
  • Live Bed Show - Pulp
    "She doesn't have to go to work but she doesn't want to stay in bed Cause it's changed from something comfortable to something else instead. This bed has seen it all from the first time to the last The"
  • Bed Of Roses - Suburban Legends
    "I can't believe what i've seen Everytime i come around It's just the same thing The demons all around me and they've had their fun You better hold on real tight cause it won't be long, won't be long It's"
  • Burning Our Bed - Alice Cooper
    "(Alice Cooper/Al Pitrelli/Bob Pfeifer/Steve West) Baby, don't you shed a tear for me I wouldn't want to waste your time You talked a lot of trash and ya lied to me But babe, you never even tried Oh,"

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