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brendan perry

  • You're Not Alone - Perry Blake
    "You're not alone Not alone Not alone in this world If there is fire on the water There are silhouettes in blue There are sails that change direction in our lives And if you ever touch her skin When she's"
  • Native New-yorker - Perry Blake
    "Twilight was to my life What the daylight was to yours And in hindsight it was twilight That took you from me But you're a native new yorker You should know it all by now You're a native new yorker There'll"
  • Tropic Of Cancer - Perry Blake
    "Sing that song that no one wants to hear Sing that song so loud and sing it clear Sing that song that no one seems to know Sing it to me slow Bring me back to when i was a boy Full of life and love and"
  • Travelling - Perry Blake
    "It's been so long since i've seen your face Since i've seen the one that i loved There are no songs that tell it as it is Tell it as it is as it was Because i've been trying for what seems like a lifetime I've"
  • We Couldn't Decide - Perry Blake
    "I couldn't decide Couldn't decide Couldn't decide Moments of weakness Long goodbyes How long must lovers try ? You couldn't decide Couldn't decide Couldn't decide And how the seasons changed But our"
  • The End Of The Affair - Perry Blake
    "If it's the end of the affair Then it's the end of the affair And only time will let us know Only time will let us know Two hearts for the price of one Truth will be the death of us And only time will"
  • Coming Home - Perry Blake
    "Coming home I'm coming home Coming home I'm coming home You dont have to hide Living in someone elses dream You don't have to lie Living in someone elses dream I don't want to die Living in someone elses"
  • This Life - Perry Blake
    "It's a little device It's a little device Keeps you warm Keeps you warm It's a little surprise Just a little surprise To keep you calm To keep you calm Shadows and light Shadows and light I see your"
  • California - Perry Blake
    "A new life is what we need A new life is out of here Little moments, don't you know? Maybe go to California, where it's warm Get some work, I can see You and I breaking waves In the sunshine Don't start"
  • Pretty Love Songs - Perry Blake
    "Sing a pretty love song Sing it straight from your heart 'Cause these pretty love songs They're what keep us alive And we know they lie But we'll always try to Sing pretty love songs Sing them straight"

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