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  • Sister - Letters To Cleo
    "When I need a place to get away, When I need a place to hide, That place just seems oh so far away, Couldn't get there if I tried. Me and a young girl chasing mosquitoes, Rolling down them grassy hills. Put"
  • Sparklegirl - Letters To Cleo
    "A good girl always knows what's right Don't forget your keys now don't be late I'm told that if you last the night they'll make you drown or float just wait be more like a fire than a firefly cuz that's"
  • Step Back - Letters To Cleo
    "Appear and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story this time. Plan too far ahead, it's the same old thing. Finally kicking it out this time. Tell me where were you? Now just where were"
  • Veda Very Shining - Letters To Cleo
    "That was my heart when time was a seed Tell me what it means We made it out okay but soon it turned to dust Tell me what it means Cut it out and get off the floor Because it doesn't make you matter"
  • Wasted - Letters To Cleo
    "The saddest sound I've ever heard The saddest sound I've ever heard The quiet that takes the place of the silence That takes the place of your voice That takes the place of your voice You're right, reasons"
  • You Dirty Rat - Letters To Cleo
    "You never write You never call You just stand around and smile so happily The government could never do as worser things as you have done to me Well I should cry but I've done too much already I can't"
  • Demon Rock - Letters To Cleo
    "Demon Rock What say you demon, say you demon rock of what I'm the rock of Gibraltar. say you demon so say what. If you think of it then you should know if I'm getting kind of low. If you think of"
  • Fast Way - Letters To Cleo
    "Why you gotta sit in my easychair. What makes you think that I would care? When I say to you - what are you going to do? So I got you to at least say please, that's how I know that you're on your knees."
  • Jennifer - Letters To Cleo
    "Started out with defeat. Everyone was asleep. And now you know that it's time to make up you mind like me. Now I'm not one to complain but you're driving me insane. And now you know that it's time to"
  • Awake - Letters To Cleo
    "I guess it's been awhile And a long time too Everything's still the same And so are you It's only in this light that I could see what you'd be like If it took a million years well this is what I am You're"

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