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disturbed warrior

  • Age Of The Warrior - Unleashed
    "Decades of despair, Christian decadence And human defeat Where no life dwells a new power grew Like shadows in the deep Immortal spirits bred in Hell In time, all will see It's the age of the warrior The"
  • Heart of a Warrior - Freedom Call
    "When you fight out there alone, For a king upon his throne And the realm is drowned in shadows And you'll keep the flame of hope Crawling through the night, we will overcome A lightning strikes into the"
  • Where Is My Warrior? - Voices Of Passion
    "Abbas (x4) Abbas my warrior Where is my warrior? (x6) It was because of you, that the caravan had, the strength to go on Where are you loyal one, your sister is without a veil Where is my warrior 1 I"
  • Intro (Warrior Of Ice) - Celesty
    "--Intro (Spoken Word by: Sir Agathos, The Storyteller)-- Sir Agathos: Long time ago in a place called Cryon was a little town. The town had been under ice for many years and the people had been suffering"
  • Warrior Without a War - Ensiferum
    "Only change is unavoidable, A brave new chapter is getting closer , Without a shroud of doubt he walked, The road, so long, one dream, now gone. What are you more afraid to find, Something to live or"
  • The Warrior Lives Again - D.O.A.
    "into the badlands, the whiteman came. killing from fear, what he couldn't explain. disease unknown to this virgin land. laid to waste, with the gun in command. from the steel rails, the bullets did fly"
  • Run, Wolf Warrior, Run - Joyce
    "Run, wolf warrior, to ends eternal Through the wreckage of the death of the day Scent of silence under starlight spinning A captured beast within a human skin Are you searching for long lost landscapes Lit"
  • Warrior Of The North - Menhir
    "Men of north pray to ase for the war kill your enemies men of north pray to ase for the war destroy chrstianity Northwind, the breath of the grim godsex fog and darkness above the forgotten forsts The"
  • Flight Of The Warrior - Riot
    "Thundering down from the mountain you ride Clutching a sword made of steel The ones you call friends they all left you for dead Alone on the battlefield many were at your command Renegade souls on your"
  • Warrior Is A Child - Gary Valenciano
    "Lately I've been winning battles left to right But even winners can get wounded in the fight People say that I'm amazing I'm strong beyond my years But they don't see inside of me I'm hiding all the tears "

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