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enya orinoco

  • Guayana - Carlos Baute
    "(Coro) Guayana es, guayana es guayana es, guayana es rica en oro, hierro y mujer ven a mi guayana y veras lo que ya yo se (Bis) Orinoco al norte Brazil por el zur Eustaquio al este Colombia al oeste ese"
  • The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World - Keith Murray
    "Y'all mythological niggaz is comical The astronomical is comin through like the flu bombin you And embalmin in your crew too With the musical mystical magical, you know how I do With word attack skills"
  • Colombia Conexi - Aterciopelados
    "Baada por dos mares y el Orinoco Caf, caf, caf y petróleo ciudades amables, mujeres lindas te vas, te vas y no la olvidas Golfo de Urab, Punta Gallinas Valledupar, Aracataca, Tres cordilleras la atraviesan fro,"
  • The Cutting Edge - Fad Gadget
    "The Cutting Edge has inner vision It's going mad gets away from it all Passing time hopes crash on death row No peace of mind yet completely secure Don't forget to say I love you Don't forget the price"
  • If it's not one thing - Ian Matthews
    "If it isn't our last warning, then what is it Is mother nature laying down to die If we had to start again from the beginning, you and I Would we really have the faith to move a mountain If we covered"
  • Witchqueen Of Eldorado - Modern Talking
    "Dreams are flying like an eagle To the orinoco flow From the desert of Eldorado To the east coast, yes I know A heart of gold, and she's alone Garden Eden is her home She's like a storm, she's like a"
  • La Brasilera - Carlos Vives
    "Yo la conoc una maana yo la conoc una maana que llegó en avión a mi tierra y cuando me la presentaron me dijo que era brasileira ay seguro cruzó la frontera pa ven a meterse a mi alma (bis) El amor no"
  • R'n'b - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "P. XainThere's this girl wot I've liked for timeI've tried to get her attention with a beat and a rhymeShe's really fcuking fit and she works down the shoe shopBut she's into R'n'B and not hip hopSo I'm"
  • Nickel Plated Pockets - Aesop Rock
    "Yo, (Alright Ok) Can I get a quarter or something? Little hungry, you know what I'm saying? (Alright Ok) Homeless... I need a Lucy yo... (Yo...) Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels And"

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