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ewelina lisowska we gle

  • We Rock - Evemaster
    "You watch their faces You'll see the traces Of the things they want to be But only we can see They come for killing They leave and still it seems The cloud that's left behind Oh, can penetrate your mind But"
  • We Rock - Cast Of Camp Rock
    "(We rock! We rock, we rock on!) Come as you are You're a superstar World in your pocket and you know it You can feel that beat Runnin' through your feet Heart's racing faster Rock 'n rollin' All"
  • We Care - MGMT
    "When we see your blue planet we feel tingly inside. Spaceship cold from the vacuum of space traveling. Kittens, hash, by the dozen, we feel tingly inside. Burn and burn the reactor churns. Our hands in"
  • We Rule - Quincy Punx
    "Kiss stepped on puppies alice drank spit lee ving beat up hippies GG ate shit quincy punx quincy punx we rule this fucking place quincy punx quincy punx big dicks in youre face we mix molotovs"
  • We Rock - Too Bad Eugene
    "they said, they said it's time to go go i said 'thank God' because the day had gone by so slow planning on rocking tonight and there might even be a fight, all right we rock we rock rock and roll we rock"
  • We Go - Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
    "Let's go home and eat sweet things Throw our arms across our eyes They are angry like motorcycles Tuck your chin and ride We are not so bad We are not so We are not so bad When we go When we go When we"
  • We Believe - Good Charlotte
    "There's a woman crying out tonight Her world has changed She asks God why Her only son has died And now her daughter cries She can't sleep at night Downtown Another day for all the suits and ties Another"
  • We Wait - Vader
    "We wait in hiding, we lie in wait We secretly draw great plans Of spaceless kingdom of the soul Of triumph of the will We wait in hiding, we lie in wait We slowly change our blood For the arrival of the"
  • We Care - Reel Big Fish
    "thanx for the money thanx for dancin' and singin' along and everything you do we just want you to know we care (we care) thanx for calling us sell outs and not takin' a joke and talkin' $#!% and covering"
  • Didn't We - The Supremes
    "(J. Webb) This time we almost made the pieces fit Didn't we This time we almost made some sense of it Didn't we This time I had the answer right here in my hand And I touched it and it had turned to"

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