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  • Go - Eternal Decision
    "Falling down on my face again I know you always hear Just what I pray to You Been with me through every step of life I always feel you near I'm calling out to you to Go, where you lead I'll follow Show,"
  • Go - Letters To Cleo
    "Say it's a good clip is a real good way to go real fast say it i'm on track and i'm built for speed pull up the back on your mark ready set go teaser with pretty lines with shiny glass and perfect time"
  • Go - Mario
    "You down or what You down or what You're that everyday girl, a face like a magazine A ass I wanna hold, every ghetto nigga'z fantasy, yeah, oh yeah Bridge Hey, I think I really wanna be your lover Not"
  • Go - Jamelia
    "You say why don't you change your mind Think it over 1 last time Like you don't know yourself All depend on you There are consequences in what you do But if you lose I won't forgive myself Showing that"
  • Go - Waterdeep
    "Go tell it on the mountaintops That I'm alive Go listen to the children cry And let them know That dark and night are not their masters Between you you'll know all the things That I never said"
  • Go - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "I know the way you feel The way you view incompetence So we have to remedy Our extreme lack of confidence I love the way you move You cover me like oxygen Touched by your innocence We come to you with"
  • Go - Amy Diamond
    "Fire up the engine - switch another gearWhile the road is bending - we dont even steerSo far to go - we move too slowAnd you know it, yeah you know it....Running all the redlights - trying to get aheadTurning"
  • Go - Plumb
    "Hold on, you said and I held on. Lay down, your sweet head and I laid it down. I'd say, "tell me all you have seen". And you gave of your life, to bring out my dreams. And I need hope, and faith, and"
  • Go - Mustard Plug
    "Spent too much time alone, just sitting by the telephone now I've gotta find a place to go I've got a right, I've got a dream, I gotta know Why can't you see I need to find this place to go? The wrong"
  • Go - Kate York
    "if you're going if you're going to leave this way the door is open if there is nothing left to say there's no point in hanging on if your heart is already gone turn the light out say goodbye now its time"

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