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honey honey

  • Goodbye honey - Ryan Adams
    "Goodbye honey It's nice to see you Goodbye and ain't I blue Goodbye honey Mind the door and maybe we will see you again Maybe we will see you again Goodbye, honey Goodbye honey You know we'll miss you"
  • Honey Dip - Dev
    "Honey dip, honey dip, honey dip You could be my honey dip, my honey dip Watch me make my money flip, baby I can be your real girl, fuckin around in this fake world, this fake world And you could be my"
  • Honey pie - Barbra Streisand
    "She was a working girl North of England way Now she's in the big time...in the USA and if she could hear him, this is what he'd say Honey pie, you are making me crazy I'm in love but I'm lazy So won't"
  • Honey, Please - Tragically Hip
    "I don't wanna look for words I don't wanna work that hard I want your song in my head The way you sing it from the heart yeah Whenever I get lost Whenever I feel weak Whenever or just because You"
  • Honey Hush - Albert Collins
    "Oh honey hush, yes you talk too much Oh honey hush, yes you talk too much Listenin' to your conversation is just about to separate us You start talkin' in the morning, you're talkin' all day long I'm"
  • Honey man - Cat Stevens
    "I want to be your honey man I want to be, I want to be your honey man To wash your clothes and hold your hand I want to be, I want to be your honey man You've got a lot But all of your money and stuff"
  • Honey Child - Royal Crown Revue
    "(Deadric Malone) Sometimes your love is just like honey So sweet and wild-so sweet and wild Sometimes your love is just like menthol So cool and nice-so cool and nice That's why I don't want no other"
  • Milk & honey - Beck
    "Don't take your red ribbons off You're about to make a fool of yourself In the aluminum sunset Drinking from a drain I'm a hundred miles behind myself Milk and honey Pouring down like money Make a poor"
  • Hey Honey - Bryan Adams
    "Had enough of your crazy ways Had enough of your leavin' for days Don't wanna hear you waggin' your chin Sick 'n' tired of your noisy din Don't want another kick on the shin Hey honey - I'mp ackin' you"
  • Honey Bun - Triple Image
    "There's a boy at lunch who is calling me names That I like you don't wanna see There's a girl at home who is talking on the phone with her boyfriend There's a man on the bus who is really, really mean And"

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