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jiu������������������ si������������������ pie������������������������������������ rozlega

  • Cherry Pie - ICP
    "(I need a freak)I need a bitch, a special bitchI need a bitch who pussy poppin' booty switchI need a bitch, felatioOn the freeway with my pedal to the flo'I need a bitch, like cheery pieI need a bitch"
  • Cherry Pie - Sade
    "Got to find out what I meant to you You're the one who broke my heart Got to find out what I meant to you You're the one who broke my heart When I met you boy You were as sweet as cherry pie That smile"
  • Apple Pie - The Bastard Fairies
    "I'm the life of the party, I'm always smiling On the surface I'm as happy as can be And I don't watch the news and I don't read the papers And I don't like chicken soup for the soul Do you wanna share"
  • Sugar Pie - American Idol
    "Sugar pie, honey bunch You know that I love you I can't help myself I love you and nobody else In and out my life You come and you go Leaving just your picture behind And I kissed it a thousand times When"
  • Cherry Pie - The Jayhawks
    "Yeah I rode the Rock'n'Rockets, running into Deadwood Town Didn't have much money to lay my head down Her momma came walking down the street Carrying the words on a string Chorus: So I sat myself"
  • Puddin' Pie - La Quan
    "Dippin in the bowl, positions take place Smile on my face shows a sign of great taste Sound effects proceed to discharge Drain my vein, my spoon is no longer large So I rest, let it digest Analyze again,"
  • Sweetest Pie - Curve
    "if i'm careful i won't hate you when i'm gracious you won't dare to play your little game play your little game play your little game with my mind oh oh oh oh when i'm truthful i'm a loser if i'm honest you"
  • Cherrie pie - Jennifer Lopez
    "Hey Yeah, you You had a dark, sexy vibe about ya And the strange way you turn me on The way you look said a lot about ya As if you really didn't give a--unh! I told myself not to fall for you 'Cause I"
  • Potato Pie - King Crimson
    "Someday you're gonna wake up singing someday you're gonna wake up tired it makes you feel like a horseshoe in a swimming pool cause you know you don't belong I move left you move right I'm like a blind"
  • Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
    "(Chorus) Fuck the slice, we want the pie why ask why till we fry watch us all stand in line for a slice of the devils pie drugs and thugs, women and wine three or four at a time watch them stand all in"

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