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laskowik pioseka 60-latka'

  • Arschfick - Bushido
    "Yeah, Sonny Black, I Luv Money Records, 24/7 Hannover yeah de la mok de la mok ! Roulette trukanak(4life), joka, D-Bo, Frank White, Bushido Yeah das Leben ist ein Arschfick ! Lauf nur davon doch du"
  • My Life Is At Home - Promise Ring
    "I was just thinking, most of last wednesday. I hope we're together from here until doomsday. We could be each others arms keep each other free from harm. 'Cause when it's all stripped to the bone, My life"
  • Big J - Die Toten Hosen
    "Frher war alles besser, frher war alles gut, da hielten alle noch zusammen, die Bewegung hatte noch Wut. Frher, hr auf mit frher, ich will es nicht mehr hr'n, damals war es auch nicht anders mich kann"
  • The Rookie Year - Brandtson
    "Pass or fail, crash and burn another pain for lesson learned so take it from me you cant win this way thinking of how I can fill this, hole in my chest you know the one: gasping and sucking dust and"
  • Oleckie realia - Tempo
    "I: Jak widzisz, na podwórku dzieci małych dużo Nudzą się i mulą O zabawach, O marzeniach HEJ! A ty o czym myślisz? Ref: Jak by było gdyby tu mnie nie bylo? Myślisz, że fajnie może mi zazdrościsz ale ja"
  • O Geguege (Il Geguege) - Vanusa
    "Vamos danar Comea assim Vamos danar Sim, o fim Pois eu adoro Geguege Sei que vo pensar porque Ah! Eu adoro Geguege Ah! Vo dizer que o Geguege uma bomba explodir Pois eu adoro Geguege porque eu posso"
  • Kwela - Jack Bruce
    "So you went and got your gun And you turned and shot me dead There's a bullet in my head '''UPI REPORT:''' ''"I beg the court to have mercy now. I have young children," pleaded 21 year-old Xolile Yona,"
  • A Maiden's Prayer - Hank Thompson
    "A MAIDEN'S PRAYER (Bob Wills) '60 Hill & Range Songs When the evening falls twilight shadows find There beneath the stars an Indian maiden divine The moon is on high and seems to see her there In her"
  • Please Call Today - Wanda Jackson
    "PLEASE CALL TODAY (Woody Hix - Lana Hix) '60 Central Songs Please call today for I'll be gone tomorrow I'm sitting here my darling waiting for your call I know I shouldn't want you at all For you belong"
  • Memory lane - Adam Sandler
    ""Hey, it's great to have us all out on a road trip again this is gonna be fun" "Whoa,do you smell that skunk" "Yeah "You know, even though it stinks it kinda reminds me of growing up" "It kinda"

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