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  • Super xero - Maroon 5
    "What do I do to ignore what's behind me?Do I follow my fate to escape blindly?Do I hide my pride from these bad dreamsAnd give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?Do I let it go and try to stand it?Or"
  • The city small - Maroon 5
    "The city is bigbut I knowfor sheshe will be sadI know she is goig to take a showwe love is endingWhy?I don`t know(oh, oh, oh)but she knowthe city is big for twoThe city is beautifulbut people is sadNow"
  • The never saga - Maroon 5
    "She was at home and feeling fineThe family life it was divineShe sat alone with tired eyespatiently listening to the sighsI found outI found outShe never has the timeI found outto make his demonsThey snatched"
  • The powers that be - Maroon 5
    "The day is done And everyone has spent the summer day out in the rain Has wandered into someone else's lane You know exactly what I mean I bet everyone Has felt the sun We all have fallen, picked up to"
  • This love (deutsche) - Maroon 5
    "Ich fhlte mich so gut, ich hab es nicht erkannt, Das feuer, das in ihren Augen brennt, Das Chaos, das meinen Verstand kontrolliert, Ich flsterte tschss und sie bestieg das Flugzeug, Um nie wieder zu kommen"
  • Vanessa - Maroon 5
    "Oh Vanessa holding up time with her beautiful velvet eyes She danced in the rained, got lost in our games Turned our backs to the world at night Fell asleep in the grass Watch out for the passing, of seasons"
  • 2,000 AD - Maroon Town
    "Let's hold a meeting, discuss a few things General points major upcomings Attitude in life are so bad let try to change them With a conference of the world you got your invitation You don't need no invitation"
  • All i need - Maroon Town
    "Watching brother killing brother And sisters struggling in pain The birds above sing to each other While here we're suffering in vain All that we need For the hands of love to scatter her seeds To reach"
  • Average man - Maroon Town
    "Put on your coat put on your hat Step out the door find you're tumbling down the steps of life You want to make a difference but a fact's a fact You got too many things upon your mind You want to make"
  • Bye bye - Maroon Town
    "You left a message on my telephone When I was at home you said something that I cannot condone I consider by your voice you have an attitude, crude, rude Without no interlude You said that you had to say"

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