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minta bocoran ekor fajar pakotuk malam ini

  • Franco un American - NOFX
    "I never thought about the universe, it made me feel small Never thought about the problems of this planet at all Global warming, radio-active sites Imperialistic wrongs and animal rights! No! Why think"
  • Communion - Otep
    "I sold my soulSo long agoNever alonepalace of madnessAnd sadnessshe saidTo the gates overheadAnd I will find meIn force my fingers inI will sinFrom thisI will helpYou to I will helpYouRape againKill the"
  • Begin again - Shinedown
    "Welcome friendsTo seconds lost, and to starts that won't beginTo twisted eyes that see insideRules that always bendA simple task, a see-through maskThat questions where and whyWe shared our skin to occupy,"
  • Beautiful feelings - Rick Springfield
    "Things get stuck in my head And they're taking me nowhere And sometimes it's hard Just to find what you needBut lately I'm feeling Something good's come around Cause she just takes me way up And she won't"
  • Shed some light - Shinedown
    "I'm falling apart againAnd I can't find a way to make amendsAnd I'm looking in both directionsBut it's make believe, it's all pretendSo...Shed some light on meAnd hold me up in disbeliefAnd shed some light"
  • If i cant find the words - Ronan Keating
    "If I cant find the wordsOh oh oh ohWaitin for this feelinThat Im drownin in to subsideYou make me swim like a beginnerLike Im new at lifeAnd all these words dont come easyNo they always seem to stallThere"
  • Cobra - Rita Lee
    "Sou cheia de razo quando minto No creia ser eu quem pensas que sou Acredito na alegria que no sinto Odeio o amor que algum te causou Estou por trs do teu grande medo Quando a vida no tem explicao Te seduzo"
  • Honey - Ricky Skaggs
    "Honey, honey, honey won't you open that door,This is your sweet daddy, don't you love me no more?It's cold outside, let me sleep on the floor,Honey won't you open that door." I honky-tonked around Dallas,I"
  • Goodbye To You - Michelle Branch
    "Of all the things I've believed inI just want to get it over withTears form behind my eyesBut I do not cryCounting the days that pass me by I've been searching deep down in my soulWords that I'm hearing"
  • In the middle of a dream - Muse
    "I cant pretendchoose how it endsyou slipped away Quechans here to stayin feel in soul in feel ini soulI cant pretendconsumed by an endstry bend the woundsribs out the coonsin feel in soulin feel in soulI"

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