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mlode wilki 6

  • Marching With 6 - Portugal The Man
    "Woke up late on that sunday morning. woke up late yeah the sun was burning. slides and chutes spilling explanations. slides and chutes offer alibis. where the freeways mate and the flies congregate"
  • 6, 8, 12 - Brian McKnight
    "Do you ever think about me Do you ever cry yourself to sleep In the middle of the night when you awake Are you calling out for me Do you ever reminisce I can't believe I'm acting like this I know it's"
  • Wonderlove (6:06) - Yes
    "I believed That one day love would cast a line I believed There was something more for me to find Hoping today Hoping tomorrow Taking it all in stride I believed I could be chasing my mind There you were Like"
  • Punainen Nro 6 - Cmx
    "Verse I Ei et lukenut vrin niit vhisi sanoja jotka laitoin valkovatsallesi, kuiskin maahisen korvaasi Ei et nhnyt vrin niit kehystettyj kuvia, jotka piirsin sinisilmillesi, ahdoin enkelin suuhusi Olisit"
  • Part 6-Move - Waltari
    "..meets the good ole angel... John Doe: I decided to go on though it hurt me so You lost your memory and I lost my soul Was it good, was it bad, was it just the same Through the past darkly, and we lost"
  • 6 Gun Quota - Seether
    "I find it hard to live with all my choices It's time to turn a deaf ear to those voices Did you ever think to ask my opinion Did you ever think to ask if i'm ok? I've burned down every bridge that i've"
  • 6 Feet Under - Marion Raven
    "Six feet under, under my skin There's a battle I know I can't win You invade me And I surrender Yeah, that's what I hate about you Six feet under, under my skin There is where your story begins You were"
  • 6 White Boomers - Rolf Harris
    "Early on one Christmas Day, a Joey Kanga-roo Was far from home and lost in a great big zoo Mummy, where's my mummy, they've taken her a-way We'll help you find your mummy son, hop on the sleigh (Verse:)"
  • Louder After 6 - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "A click says you're connected and a buzz says that you're heard. Fingers slide across a panel. They're recording every word... Try to talk about the weather. Don't say anything absurd 'Cause their tapping"
  • 6 String Belief - Son Volt
    "Written about to death Around for another breath The cops will run The masses will flow Killed by consolidation Killed by saturation The underground will correct With reaction rebellion Rock and roll"

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