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Teksty piosenek (1954)

model tokhing

  • Coming Up - New Model Army
    "Kandy's coming home 11.45 today I'll take the battered car and meet her down outside the gates She says we're going back to where it all began Now that the prices have been paid and all the penance done I'd"
  • Falling - New Model Army
    "I said - Father, I'm going to change the world He said - Don't you think that maybe, son. It's changed enough already? Don't try to justify the things you live by This fear you carry with you is not of"
  • Far Better Thing - New Model Army
    "In the white washed cancer ward with my hot blood running wild I see the pain behind your eyes and the search for a reason And the knowing and the fear of the passing season Now please give me strength"
  • Freedom '91 - New Model Army
    "It's time to rebuilding Dresden, the great machines come a-rumbling in The desecration of the ruins and everything that might have been You showed me the square in the melting snow As the light was beginning"
  • Ghost Train - New Model Army
    "It's a long warm September and we're both still alive And the sea is like a painting beneath the mirrored sky Raise the dead, raise the dead We'll go riding on the ghost train, together raise the dead Through"
  • Higher Wall - New Model Army
    "We're out here on the borders with our favourite few possessions Traded stories whispered round the fire As shadows in the searchlights, mugshots in the files Waiting in the camps behind the wire Kick"
  • History - New Model Army
    "I know that it happened, I know that story But that was years and years ago Still you're pushing and still you're claiming The pound of flesh you say I owe Ch: We've already paid for it We've already"
  • I Wish - New Model Army
    "Today seems so special like a beginning or an end And there's so many thousand people here After all the grey days we're shining once again And I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world We never want to"
  • If You Can't Save Me - New Model Army
    "In a nowhere bar-room on the east side of the city There was a strange smell of burning outside in the street I was giving a sermon like the son of a preacher I was high on revolution and wild with belief Across"
  • Knife - New Model Army
    "Turn and the world turns on, we're riding out with the dawn All fixed up once again like a thousand times before Beneath the blessed sun and the coming day And the years don't change a thing - the rush"

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