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palimy samochody palimy mosty

  • Closer Than Most - Beautiful South
    "Beautiful South Miscellaneous Closer Than Most Well I kept fantasizing your eyes were wide open And it made me long for little last night Yes it was frantic, it was young, it was sweet But a sweet worth"
  • Most Beautiful Song - Lunik
    "even if they say, we'll never make it even if they tell us to give up even if they think, they could break it I'm telling you they won't we'll fight forever they all don't like the picture of you and me"
  • Most Miserable Life - Polar Bear Club
    "We fucked our ears We fucked our throats Screaming for the sake of what we love most These pretty scars aren't going anywhere The redder, the better Lose your voice and make it hurt Reluctance and reserve,"
  • Most Beautiful Girl - All-4-One
    "All-4-One All-4-One...Has Left The Building Most Beautiful Girl Ooo girl Id walk a hundred miles To see your pretty face each time you smile There is no distance from me as long as I can believe Ill see"
  • Most Beautiful Girl - Nu Flavor
    "Ooo girl I'd walk a hundred miles To see your pretty face each time you smile There is no distance for me, long as I can believe I'll see you tonight Simply no distance for me, girl you gotta believe I"
  • What Mattered Most - Ty Herndon
    "I thought I knew, the girl so well if she was sad I couldn't tell I missed the point, I missed the signs so if she's gone the fault is mine, I know I know, a whole lot of little things and even though I"
  • Most Of All - Glenn Kaiser
    "I remember cold wind blowin' all across my face A trace of frost would linger on my hair As I wandered aimlessly from town to lonely town Tryin' to shake my sadness and despair And then I heard Him callin'"
  • The most beautiful - Total
    "Verse One: When my eyes met your eyes, I knew from that day, I wanted you everyday. And baby tonight would be so right, For me and you. Bridge: You're so beautiful, All my life I stood by. Just standing"
  • Slicker than most - Guru
    "feat Gary BarnacleChorus: repeat 2X All around the city and from coast to coast I'm slicker than most, I'm slicker than most Who put the jazz in the hip-hop funk? It's me chump.. the originator with"
  • America's Most Hated - Kevin Federline
    "(Talking:) Waitress, can I have another drink please? I'd like to formally introduce my self .. Im the talk of the town Thats the reason why they stare 4 karats in my ear If you look see a glare Im"

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