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  • Princess On The Porch - Josh Rouse
    "I searched for you but you were nowhere to be found A coastal state and all I stood on was frozen ground And now I found you, it's been three months to the day Oh and baby it's so good to see you, how"
  • Princess Carwash (Slight Reply) - Queen Adreena
    "Hang it up sailor your flag ship, it burns And it burns and it burns You took the straight road, you just missed the turn You're out of gas, out of gas Put on the red shoes, a white knuckle ride She's"
  • Princess Of The Ancient - Opera IX
    "I'm the encounter dance I'm the chain dance I'm the blending of darkness and light I lead the snake's circle in the thirteen moon's night I give my blood to mother earth Burn fire, burn bright Burn fire,"
  • World Princess Part II - Grimes
    "I got a big dream, Small world in between Me and everything I can't do No really bad day, just ok. I kinda think you sucked the life right out of the room I know most likely How I used to be a frail"
  • Princess Bride Arrange Album (2003) - Kotoko
    "{{Album |Artist=Kotoko |Album=Princess Bride Arrange Album |Released=2003 |fLetter=P |Cover=Kotoko - Princess Bride Arrange Album.jpg |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ] Short''' #"
  • The Princess Of Hollywood Way - Gary Jules
    "I've been there - believe me crimes committed are unintentional after the party we all went home alone all the industry boys were still laughing and drinking when I tumbled out of the place and up"
  • Princess Of The Rising Sun - Nightmare
    "I've been a slave of her lawAt the first gleam of the dawnShe's my fairy in these daysAnd I only wanna be her prayPrincess always on the runPrincess of the rising sunHeroine of my story, she's still awayI"
  • The Not So Pretty Princess - Jude
    "The not so pretty princess was the clown of the class. She made funny faces so the kids would let her pass. There was danger of dying at every turn. 'Don't get caught crying' was all that she learned."
  • Princess Of China (feat. Rihanna) - Coldplay
    "Ohhhhh... Once upon a time somebody ran Somebody ran away saying fast as I can I've got to go... got to go Once upon a time we fell apart You're holding in your hands the two Halves of my heart Ohhhhh,"
  • Silent Tears of Frozen Princess - Gloryhammer
    "Sometimes I seem to drown in woe but there is a hope glooming inside my heart alone when I think of you remembering bygone days and your silvery laugh it will not resound again caught in a shroud of ice But"

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