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  • Brown Paper Bag Thoughts - DJ Clue
    "Yo man what, Yo y'all niggas know Yo you know all that bullshit man Yeah, some niggas don't even These niggas man, What's the matter wid these niggas man? Nah man I'm puttin this shit up Fuck dat man Ya'll"
  • Bag Full Of Thoughts - The Flaming Lips
    "Come on... Don't be afraid... If everyone... There'd be nothing... Nothing... Nothing... Nothing... Nothing left... Put your... If it becomes... Throw it up... Or give it... Give it... Give"
  • Thoughts From The Train - Rosanne Cash
    "(Bashan - Neale) From the train I watch the tracks go by They look the same mile after mile from my pain I watch the time go by Things seen to change Though I'd loved you all this while My love is like"
  • Broken Thoughts Frozen Heart - Canibus
    "Inside the detox box I watch the clock Outside the box I'm supposed to protect Hip Hop The physician of weirdness, bald and beardless Only the minds of the independent can hear this Civilian population"
  • Thoughts On Loves Mishaps - Working Title
    "I think love is in the air, but when everyone is listing reasons to jump into the glass that breaks at first glance just sit me down, and understand this night has fallen, only the eyes of daylight can"
  • If Thoughts Could Kill - Until The End
    "nothing can wish this away holy water can't cleanse your past drowning in blood, fighting for breath suffer to death every action breeds correction we're no more than flesh bound and gagged, no regret"
  • Warm Thoughts Of Warfare - After The Burial
    "The waking hour of scarlet warfare, I will fight for you. Our blood will wash away. Their skin will crack and peel in a thousand fires. We will break every bone, we will crush them all to dust. An attempt"
  • Thoughts Behind the Scene - Ghinzu
    "Stained mirror Stay away from what you are Sail away See you can hide And cover your face All alone with another one Sing again, and cry alone Same place, same story Feel the lust, feel the dirt cause"
  • These R The Thoughts - Alanis Morissette
    "You hadn't seen your father in such a long time. He died in the arms of his lover. How dare he? Your mother never left the house. She never married anyone else, You took it upon yourself to console her. You"
  • 2ND Thoughts (feat. Tomson) - VNM / B.Melo
    "zimowy wieczór na playu w wwolvensteina pięknie cisnę w lodówce nie ma żarcia iść mi się nie chce nigdzie taką sytuację określiłbym jako repetycje głodny aż zaraz skręcę kiszkę a nie chce kolejnej pizzy posiałem"

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