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warm dem

  • Safe 'n warm - Fingertips
    "There's nothing for todaythere's nothing for tonightthere's nothing moreThere's nothing left to sayyou left,you ran awaythere's nothing elseThere's nothing for tonightwe're not ready for this fightbut"
  • Warm and tender - Olivia Newton John
    "Warm and tender is my prayer for your world, that I surrender to my girlAll my life I've waited for the angel you areYou're the dream that I knew you'd beAnd I love you completely my Chloe, ChloeWarm and"
  • Warm Fuzzy Feeling - Fastball
    "I got a warm, fuzzy feeling When I saw you on TV You were wearing a piece of me And it breaks my heart to look around And see the unimpressed Who can't believe the emperor is dressed Turn on my TV, I"
  • Peaceful and warm - Lady Sovereign
    "I Went Driving Through My Old HometownIt Was Thursday the Bright Sun On the HorizonI Was Surprised to See no One Had Burned It DownIt Seemed So Peaceful and WarmFloods of Memories Came Back to MeAll the"
  • Warm And Willing - Johnny Mathis
    "What Will Mary Say - Artist: Johnny Mathis - peak Billboard position # 9 in 1963 - Words and Music by Paul Vance and Eddie Snyder I must be going (don't go) My heart is showing (don't go) I better hurry"
  • Warm safe place - Staind
    "Another day inside my worldIm married to you and this roadThis road that do not let me sleepSo theres no way to escape these demons i am forced to keepThen i find, you hereThru your eyes everythings clearAnd"
  • Warm (feat. HAIM) - Charli XCX
    "you gotta tell me the reason why we can't fall in love you gotta tell me the reason why you won't open up Now I'mma send you to heaven tequila on your tongue you gotta tell me the reason why we can't fall"
  • Dem Ting Deh - Bounty Killer
    "Cross, angry, miserable, huh It's Warlord di five star general, alongside Assassin (Yah mon) What a pretty clinic they trappin You know we be smokin dem fools be crashin (Yah hear dat) Aiyyo yallo! Red"
  • Fan dem off - Elephant Man
    "Intro:] Yep! Dyah, good to mad dem Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem a box, gi dem a box Gi dem di whip now, gi dem di whip Gi dem di whip, gi dem"
  • See Dem Coming - Gentleman
    "meanwhile dem a plan jah a wipe out we hold on firm and dem can't get we out no me say dem can't get we out chorus: dem coming to annihalite coming dem coming to tek over dem coming to eliminate but righteous"

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