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words scoffers

  • Three Words - Level 42
    "Baby Every time you go Feels just like another rainy day baby does it show that I count each hour when you're away When I'm out to learn to trust in your return I want you to know what it is you do"
  • Last Words - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Dear loved one Please listen This might be the last chance I get I'm sorry I left you I'm living in a world of regret Don't cry if you can hear me I never meant to hurt you dearly I'm so wrong sincerely"
  • Magic Words - CoCo Lee
    "(Verse 1) I want you to come to me when you're feeling down. Knowing I can count on you during hard times. We will find a way but it won't come easy. When the yearning fades away, do we wanna stay? (Verse"
  • Only Words - The Verve Pipe
    "Through evidence of circumstance You held me to a second chance Feigning interest so sincere Curse the days I've wasted here All the words that you waste debating Every word so intimidating I can let a"
  • Only Words - Deborah Gibson
    "Baby take my hand and I'll take you higher 'Cause my one desire is you and I need you now More than ever if it takes forever and I know These things are things you've heard But up 'til now they were only"
  • Empty Words - Death
    "Ashes and promises share a bond Through the winds of change Words are blown away When visions that should be Are tattooed in your mind The power to let go Is sometimes hard to find The answer cannot be"
  • Suffocating Words - Scars Of Tomorrow
    "Another victim of life Within you it hides And when I looked you in the eyes I froze inside And when I heard the news I ran I froze inside But now forever You will live in me Your face Imprinted In my"
  • 3 Words - Aleesha Rome
    "Sometimes You can be in the wrong place, at the right time Sometimes You can fall for the right one, at the wrong time Every look, has a notion Every kiss, throws me emotion Every smile shows a little"
  • Wasted words - George Jones
    "The wasted words about an old love affairYou don't love me you don't careI tried so hard to forget the thing that used to beBit it's so easy to remember a few old memoriesJust when I think I'm doing fine"
  • Words Unleashed - Lunatica
    "Once in a lifetime you'll reach a point Where being a slave is no longer enough Now the time has come to break all your chains Speak your mind, go straight ahead Feel free to speak, don't deny yourself The"

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