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yee yee way

  • No Way - Burning Heads
    "No class, no job, i'm just a victim and society's a slob No ass, no head, rather go home jack off instead No mind, no kind, my brain is jelly and my memory is blind No way, no way, cannot live in this"
  • No Way - Me And My
    "You say you wanna stay No way, no way, no way Go, you better go your own way Hey, dont need you one more day 'Cause Ill be fine Without you Hey baby Did you really think that I Would take you back"
  • Different Way - Rad Kick
    "Different Way Watch out for this beauty which was created to live ! Stand by - wait - take the time as long as it exists ! But what - Who has given us the right to do just as we wanna do ? Who said that"
  • This Way - Kanye West
    "Turn it up...(A little louder) Turn it up...(A little louder) Turn it up...(A little louder) Turn it up...(A little louder) I can't live my I I can't live my life this way Continuely get high Instead"
  • This Way - Lloyd
    "LLOYD LYRICS This Way Whatz up shawty Come on in I got some incent burning Jus sit down relax I got dis Oh yeah ummmmm (Verse 1) I been checkin out u U been checkin me to And finally we got a chance"
  • No Way - 702
    "Everything you do is gonna hurt you (you should know that's) just how things are boy you can't have me (don't mistake me) for the average girl I don't come easy (you gotta work for it) can't be wasting"
  • Long Way - 77 Bombay Street
    "It's time for waking up now, it's time to take my rags I'm living my own town now I'm living with my bags I close the doors behind me into the hills I go If you could only see me 'cause I want you to know It's"
  • My Way - Edyta Górniak
    "you got it all you leave me speechless every day you make me fall and love me in different ways my world’s so small whiteout you you got to keep me save you got it all there's nothing I would change I"
  • Another Way - Campbell Tevin
    "Early in the mornin' 'round 3 a.m. Lyin' with a girl named Kim With a glass of gin, sippin' on it 'Bout to hit the skins, now I'm all in Telephone ring, was a girl named Jane >From around the way How could"
  • No Way - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour) There's no way I'm gonna let go There's no way Because it's my show I'm hangin' on For a little while I won't go down easy That's not my style I'm all tied up Tied up in a knot And I can't decide Just"

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