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  • Listen To The Sirens - Gary Numan
    ""Flow my tears" the new police song The slogan of peace is "you must live" They've got me and I'm one of them Cancel: "silence" they screamed for days "We've been here"
  • Narcotic - Methods Of Mayhem
    "Its a mother fucking method.. Are you ready for the tweekend? Come on baby.. It dont stop.. Come on baby.. FORGET ABOUT REHAB! Gimme More The drugs are so advanced "Why get involved with a rockstar"
  • Angel Needs A Ride - Jewel
    "Said, "Angel, Do you want a ride?" Said, "Angel, I'm tired and I'm lonely And I need somebody by my side" It's a long road that stretched from Vegas to nowhere But it'd been"
  • Grandpa's Interview - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    ""Grandpa, here's your coffee," said Edith, as she filled his cup. "Nobody'll find you here, and Earl is glad you guys showed up." "The way things are downtown, you might have to"
  • Trite - Sage Francis
    "i'm having identity crises. "no we're not." "yes we are." i'm having identity crises. "no we're not." "yes we are." i don't have a feeling that hasn't been felt,"
  • A Love Song - Jimmy Buffett
    ""okay" I really do appreciate the fact you're sittin' here Your voice sounds so wonderful But yer face don't look too clear Bar maid bring a pitcher, another round o' brew "alright let's"
  • Middleman - John Prine
    "I was sitting in a diner With a girl named Flo She wouldn't say yes But she couldn't say no She said "Darling, Can I get a middle man?" She was engaged to a fellow On the lay a way plan But she"
  • The Last Hit - Eminem
    "Artist: The High & Mighty f/ Eminem Intro: scratches by DJ Mighty Mi (Eminem) "Shady! That's me!" (Mr. Eon) "High and Mighty Trilogy" (Erick Sermon) "Back with the flyest"
  • Matty Groves - Sandy Denny
    "A holiday, a holiday, and the first one of the year Lord Arnold's wife to the church did go, the Gospel for to hear And when the meeting it was done, she cast her eyes about And there she spied little"
  • Get On With It - Harry Chapin
    "Harry: "And the excitement continues to build! Eat your heart out, Peter Frampton.") It seems like two months 'Though I met her tonight Something just told me It would work out alright So I"

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