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  • We At It Again (Video Remix) - Timbaland
    "(Lil' Man) (Timbaland) Bounce! Get crunk, get crunk, get crunk (Ladies) Bounce wit' me, bounce wit' me (Fellas, uh, uh) Get crunk, get crunk, get crunk (Now ladies) Bounce wit' me, bounce wit' me (Freaky"
  • Indian Flute - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(feat. Sebastian, Raj Shwari) O come here shorty. i like you. What? you like me 2? I dont understand a word your sayin but let me talk 2 u. I got my eyez on u (mera raja) Baby let me tell u that u r"
  • Winicumuhround - Redman
    "The hype's got me, I knock em out the box then out socks Cause winicumuhround, niggaz skate like the rocks My block...'s hot, so gimme all you got When I'm done rockin, I leave you all doin the Bus Stop My"
  • Smash Ta' Piece - Virtuoso
    "(Talking) Word up, Virtuoso Ahh...uh.. yo (Verse 1) Thunderous overture, roll over ter(tar) like Ben Hur I'm your mentor, so who you gon' send for, ten four I read you Your people are over ah now cause"
  • All Y'All - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(Timbaland) Uh, feel me? To all the women across the world, we can't diss y'all We gotta love ya, that's real, uh To all my ladies in lingerie, never underage, who stay gettin paid Who like to take trips"
  • It's Your Night - Timbaland
    "(timbaland talking) C'mon, ah, c'mon, ah, bounce a little, what, c'mon, yeah Ha, you didn't think I was comin like that did you? Whooo! (sebastian) From the corner to the dice where we rollin at For"
  • Miscommunication - Timbaland
    "'''Timbaland''' Oh! Two step. Oh! Let me talk to you girl '''Keri Hilson''' What? '''Timbaland''' I'm in your part of town I call your phone and you're no where to be found You do this every time You"
  • Non Mettere Le Mani In Tasca - Caparezza
    "Fratello sai cos' una tasca? E' una vasca in cui si annaspa, in cui ogni peccato programmato pi del Pascal. Io te la perquisisco a mo' di casbah, ci trovo vizi e basta, sei nell'angolo pi di Dizzee Rascal. Non"
  • Do Your Thang - Biz Markie
    "And you don't stop And you can't stop Yeah, yeah - I like this If you If you Wanna know Wanna know The real deal, about the Biz A-say what, a-say what? Well I'm the Biz Markie And I'm"
  • Dangerous - M. Pokora
    "Dangerous, dangerous, she's dangerous... She's got an appetite that won't stop The way that she's dancing should be against the law She likes to show off her body Act like the life of the party And make"

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