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4:30 Clean Bandit

  • Clean (deutsche) - Incubus
    "Heute, war alles ganz toll. bis rund viertel vor neun Ich fand mich pltzlich in "Schwulitten" wieder! War es was, was ich gesagt habe? Irgentwas was ich gelesen und offenbart habe, hat dich runtergezogen."
  • Concious Clean - Kimberly Kills
    "More than I love the first of spring, I love you more. More than the sweetest song I sing, I love you more. More than the Christmas bells that ring, I love you more my Lord. More than a star filled summer's"
  • Clean Sweep - Royal Hunt
    "Scrach the surface of your fear,take a look inside it Books on fire everywhere.Our work? You got it right We`d never missed a chance to destroy whatever comes our way So,day by day-it goes on forever Burning"
  • Clean Monday - Will Butler
    "You know it's 9 a.m. And I, and I've been waiting for you wondering where you might sit I got the guards out just in case it's true But you know I know you wouldn't do Why don't you sit down and take,"
  • Extraordinary (feat. Sharna Bass) - Clean Bandit
    "You can see there's something in the way I've tried to show you, my door is open I don't know how much more I can take Since you've chosen to leave me frozen Am I the only one who sees what you've become? Will"
  • A+E - Clean Bandit
    "I'm a snake, I'm a tricky little freak, I'm a killer you won't see me as I slither down the street I make noise and I'm poised like a train as you please, I make heat when I tweet I am the real McCoy, all"
  • Heart on fire - Clean Bandit
    "You got me spinning spinning spinning You came in deep, I'm hijacked, it's a holdup I'm on the Ritz and we spinning every time we touch My head is gone and I think and think about you much I've never"
  • Mozart's House - Clean Bandit
    "So you think electronic music is boring? You think… It’s stupid? You think it’s repetitive? Well… It is rep-repetitive I don’t know, skip a beat I don’t know, skip a beat I don’t know, skip a beat I don’t"
  • Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon) - Clean Bandit
    "When I walk into the club and my feet start to rub Everybody thinks I'm weird but the truth is I'm not When I'm in the studio and the 808 pops Everybody thinks I'm weird but the truth is I'm not Gonna"
  • Telephone Banking (feat. Love Ssega) - Clean Bandit
    "Hey Grace, guess what? Cool You're teaching in Japan and I got another school You've got another man and I've got another boo I'm glad we moved on, I'm glad we moved on Hey Grace, guess what? Cool You're"

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