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  • Al Sharpton - Man Overboard
    "I know you're sound asleep right now and you can't hear but I'm gonna explain everything. and turn this into every dream your pretty little head could ever come up with. I am drunk with the thought of"
  • Al Sation - Alpha
    "Anytime now You will see me I'm trembling when you smile And pick me up right off the floor I hope so How could you know? Let me see your eyes It's been awhile Should i Act surprised How could I come 'till"
  • Al Last - Beyonce
    "At last my love has come alongMy lonely days are overAnd life is like a songOhh yeah yeahAt lastthe skies above are blueMy heart was wrapped up in cloverThe night I looked at youI found a dream, that I"
  • Et Al - Hurt
    "Feel, damn you, feel like you're alive again take ten broken limbs and make it alright for them and I needed you more, more than you'll ever notice but I need to do more if you're to ever know this or"
  • Al genina - Our Lady Peace
    "Fell asleep todayNorth OntarioWoke up far awayA place I didnt knowA woman smiled at meShe said welcome to my homeLife is different here she says nowCamouflage of goldShe said hey leave a light on for meHey,"
  • Al Jazeera - Viking Moses
    "(Bizz) Yeah, yeah Rolling, rolling Ooooh We be rolling (Royal T) Another day, I cruise at the beach Car sitting low, Latino's in the next seat System booming, rims clean with the top back Rep"
  • Domani Domani - Al Bano
    "Bar di periferia Ch gente che ormai offre solo fobia E ormai non si sa se avere piet` o chiudersi il cuore Qui limpegno h unidea si vive in apnea tra dubbi e rancore h un viaggio nel peggio ma"
  • Torne Al Meu Poble - Al Tall
    "Torne al meu poble, torne al poble de ma joventut, desprs de tant de temps res no trobe igual. Torne al meu poble, als carrers antics i al ?????, desprs de tant de temps torne a l'arrabal. Vull passar"
  • Soul Power (Black Jungle) - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Two thousand and two! Lookin like a tennis player Representin the Wu! You gangsta nigga? Two thousand and two! You? You isn't! Representin the motherfuckin Wu! Stand for it right now Two"
  • Balance Of Power - Balance Of Power
    "I'll introcude myself as someone that you know, I sink your skin, I captivate your soul, A sudden sense of being empty comes to mind, and as I suck you dry I swear you'll never find, I'd hold the gates"

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