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Adrian Trojanowski

  • Waiting Man - Adrian Belew
    "I come back, come back You see my return My returning face is smiling Smile of a waiting man I be home soon soon soon Soon cry on your shoulder Your shoulder against my burning tears Tears of a waiting"
  • Waiting Room - Adrian Belew
    "When will I ever grow up When will today be enough When will I learn to be here now? It's on the other side of the door - that's what I'm looking for I have what I need - why do I want more? more? Put"
  • Walking On Air - Adrian Belew
    "Close your eyes and look at me I'll be standing by your side In between the deep blue sea And the sheltering sky If we find no words to say To the rhythm of the waves Then we'll both surrender there, Walking"
  • 117 Valley Drive - Adrian Belew
    "117 valley drive Seemed like heaven when the band arrived With a couple of drums and a couple guitars We'd play our hearts out in my backyard And the people came from everywhere To put their plastic chairs"
  • Bird In A Box - Adrian Belew
    "I'm not a free lunch box car parked in the seat dead-end streetcar of desire caught by the tailpiece I'm a jiffy pop tarts are bad for your teen-aged beef There's a mando-Linda Evans talking on the phone"
  • Pretty Pink Rose - Adrian Belew
    "She's just been to Russia and they're dying their faces They're dying over there A pretty pink rose That r'n'r lady takes a space-ship ride she's out of this world A pretty pink rose And we're living"
  • What Do You Know (Part II) - Adrian Belew
    "(Part 1) What do you know about love Only that you live without it It chewed you up and spit you out What do you know about life Maybe you read a few books And maybe you'd skip through a chapter or two Cause"
  • On - Adrian Belew
    "Look at the sky the sun is rising with another day Look at the sky the sun is rising with another day to lay at our feet what will we do and what will we see are the questions that keep us intrigued Look"
  • One of those days - Adrian Belew
    "I guess", God said, "It's time to let the little people have the salad days somebody cut the rain, let there be lawn chairs in the shade for everyone be sure to give it the works, the barbecues and the"
  • Only a dream - Adrian Belew
    "The woman screams at the windy day Her children play in the acid rain The water is green and the sky is brown The cars and buildings, all broken down Now what in the world is happening here Will somebody"

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