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All you need is love the beatles

  • All I Need - Jay-Z
    "It's the Roc! Wooo! My gear is right... (check) My bucket is low... (check) My Rocawear is fittin' incredible... Fuck it... I guess I got my swagger back Mama that said I killed her man Well I guess"
  • All I Need - Lindsay Pagano
    "All I need, Is everything you are Everything you are Everything you are Everything you are Love can be complicated Too often, mistranslated One word for all dynamics Leads to problematic Emotions and"
  • All I Need - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 All I need Is simply everything Money won't buy me love But it sure will make my life easy Buying diamonds,and furs and pretty things Barbra Streisand cds help me get by In life So try"
  • All I Need - Mat Kearney
    "Here it comes it's all blowing in tonight I woke up this morning to a blood red sky They're burning on the bridge turning off the lights We're on the run I can see it in your eyes If nothing is safe then"
  • All You Need - Divine
    "Chorus I can be all that you need If you're ready Let me show you just how sweet it can be You and me We can be if your mind and heart's ready Baby let me be the one you need I'm made of things that's"
  • All You Need - Out of Eden
    "oh lord it's another day; nothing seemed to go my way and i know that i can't complain cause you've been so good to me but here i am burdened again, and i can't seem to find my friend whose name is"
  • All I Need - Sizzla
    "Oh yes babe, our love is everlasting and I'll always be there Remember I tell you that Ooh ooh Ooh ooh ahhhhhh You're all I need, you brighten up my world We'll always be, our life is our love Let"
  • All I Need - Ak'Sent
    "All I Need In This World Is For Somebody For Me That Treats Me Right (All I Need In This World) So I Know He Gon Be There When I Need Him And Hold Me Down For Life (Hold Me Down Baby) And Baby Boy If"
  • All We Need - Starfield
    "Come sing, sing your heart Come sing before the One who's worthy The One who is worthy Lift your hands, lift your hands up high Let the love of Jesus come and heal you Let Jesus heal you For we were made"
  • All I Need - Method Man
    "Chorus: You're all that I need, I'll be there for you If you keep it real with me, I'll keep it real witchu Loving your whole schemes, it be in there boo On top of that you got the good power-U Verse"

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