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Baez Joan - The Dream Song

  • Parisian dream - Laura Veirs
    "Your paintingScratched lines of blue and goldYou open me upWas folding into myselfA deck of cardsFace down empty on the shelfYour song with Emphasis on one and twoThen I couldnt keep timeYou took me into"
  • Creation dream - Bruce Cockburn
    "Centred on silence counting on nothing i saw you standing on the sea and everything was dark except for sparks the wind struck from your hair sparks that turned to wings around you angel voices mixed with"
  • Outside The Nashville City Limits - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Blessed Are... Outside The Nashville City Limits Outside the Nasville city limits A friend and I did drive On a day in early winter I was glad to be alive. We went to see some friends of his Who"
  • Fever Dream - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Nightmares That Surface from Shallow Sleep Song: Fever Dream Typed by: Cno Evil (Chorus 2X: Holocaust) You're stuck on a ship in a bottle, quite unique You live inside my painting"
  • Dream Thieves - Kim Mitchell
    "A round of drinks I'm a man again I live my life I'm locked inside the days To survive I frown and go to face The friction each morning The songs I sing that salve the pain We're the ones they sold today And"
  • Angel dream - Tom Petty
    "I dreamed you,I saw your face.Cut my lifeline when drifting through space.I saw an angel,I saw my fate.I can only thank God it was not too late.. Over mountains,I floated away.Cross an ocean,I dreamed"
  • Steal Across The Border - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Play Me Backwards Steal Across The Border (by Ron Davies) Kneeling in the moonlight, gazing on the shore, the girl with the blue bouquet What if you got it, what you're praying for? Careful"
  • Blowin' In The Wind - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan The Forrest Gump Soundtrack Blowin' In The Wind How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man? Yes'n' How many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand? Yes'n'"
  • Lily Of The West - Joan Baez
    "Arrangement by Joan Baez When first I came to Louisville Some pleasure there to find A damsel there from Lexington Was pleasing to my mind Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips Like arrows pierced my breast"
  • Stones In The Road - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Play Me Backwards Stones In The Road (originally by Mary-Chapin Carpenter) When we were young, we pledged allegiance every morning of our lives The classroom rang with children's voices under"

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