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  • What Was - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum) What was I to do You never should have called me up What was I to do Haven't we both had enough I still think of you Even though we're miles apart What was I to do The fire's still there My"
  • -So What? - D:a:d
    "I was jealous of the photographs Taken before you met me.. In the sun and with someone Happy on a strange beach Don't think I wanna pull you down Or hold you so you can't move You know all that keeps me"
  • What If - Shawn Desman
    "Shawn Desman - What If (Back For More - 2005) What if I said I'm sorry. What if I said yes instead of maybe. If I would have listened just a little bit, Could you still be here. (Verse 1) I hope you"
  • What If - Natural
    "When Everyone talks and nobody listens The message is harder to hear If nobody bends, something gets broken And somebody pays with their tears If we never reach out,then no one comes in How can we change"
  • So What - Spark
    "Never letting go of all the things I made To have and to hold so everthings o.k. I cherish what I bought, yet I cherish what I sold Think someday it would great to have a mansion when I'm old (chorus) So"
  • See What - Queen
    "Well she's gone dear gone this morning See what a fool I've been Oh Lord what a fool I've been Yes I did - too much Didn't leave didn't leave no letter Didn't leave no warning (you naughty thing you) I"
  • What If - Fredro Starr
    "(*puffin in background*) yo what up son? yea happy new years man,you too yea but its crazy cold out here right about now man yea I'm jus chillin in the coupe k'nawm sayin? windows up,drivin through the"
  • What If - Mocca
    "What if I give you my smile Are you gonna stay for a while? What if I put you in my dreams tonight Are you gonna stay until it's bright? What if I give you my story Are you gonna listen to me? What if"
  • What If - Jadon Lavik
    "What if I climbed that mountain, what if I swam to that shore What if every battle was victorious then would you love me more Would you love me more What if I were everyones first choice, what if I went"
  • Then What - Clay Walker
    "(Randy Sharp/Jon Vezner) Well I got a good friend who's got a good life He's got two pretty children and a real nice wife But he never seems quite satisfied I said I know what's on your mind But you better"

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