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Bocor angka sdy on besok

  • On And On - Kevin Max
    "You are the sunshine I am the rain that falls in line You are a candle And I am your darkness You are the moonlight I am the cloud that passes by You are a vision And I am blindness And so it goes The"
  • Love On & On - Donna Summer
    "I believe that love is callin' drawin' me to you I can feel my heart is fallin' cause it's never felt this true in your eyes I can see forever like the stars above we got lifetime to share together one"
  • On And On - Fiddler's Green
    "Sometimes all your dreams go up in smoke All your hope goes down the drain, it's all in vain Things go from bad to worse Sometimes there's a party but you're not invited Your ideals leave you out there"
  • On And On - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Traveling down this long lonesome highway I'm so lonesome I could cry Memories of how we once loved each other And now we are saying good-bye. On and on I'll follow my darling And I wonder where she can"
  • On And On - Saint
    "The angel sounds his trumpet A star falls from the sky With key in hand to open And smoke it fills the sky From the cloud things appear To torment man to make them fear Oh the evil Seeking death but can"
  • On, on side - Kurupt
    "(Intro-Kurupt) Dat Nigga Daz Dillinger Kurupt, Young Gotti, nigga West Coast California livin nigga (Verse 1-Kurupt) Milli monotone, cyclone Stallone Marone chaperone shiny chrome Capone Smashin in a 80"
  • On And On - Biz Markie
    "Maaaan, this is the last.. record on the album I got my man Craig Craig in the house Kevin Dee from Midnite Express Crew's in the house Charles' brother's in the house Squig Love is in the house Cool V"
  • On And On - Skin
    "What you see aint what you get You truly try but soon forget The trouble that I smell in you It leaves me blind to your abuse Still I can hear What you dont know Broken down while Pain around me goes On"
  • On And On - Mr. President
    "No day before so full of deep devotion and in my heart I feel a strong emotion Olympic fire wakes my desire to join in the games of the world So far awaythe day's of pain and sorrow enjoy the games there's"
  • On And On - PFR
    "(Verse 1) Born in a dry season Wind and sand have blown through me Haven't found shade anywhere Only moments of relief But sometimes I think I hear thunder Somewhere on the horizon line If I could"

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