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Bomfunk MCs Crack it

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Bomfunk MCs Crack it
  • Sonic Youth Small Flowers Crack Concrete
    "Small flowers crack concrete Narcotic squads sweep thru poet dens Spilling coffe grabbing 15 yr old runaway girls By frazzled ponytailed hair + tossing them Into backseats of cop cars The narcs beat the"
  • Spin Doctors Stepped On A Crack
    "It's a funny way to tell you baby, What could I do? I've been talkin to the preacher, And he sent me to you. There's a penny on the sidewalk, But you stepped on a crack Mama's singing in the kitchen, But"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs Ultra Reunion
    "Example one - master magical magician hold position, enter the club with competition The Great Bartholomew, my spirit follow you Hand back the track, smellin smoke off the vinyl wax My approach is silent,"
  • Bomfunk MC's Fashion Styley
    "Well what you know about the people that originally seasonally replace us? Bomfunk can mash it up And Mr. Big comin' up live and direct Leave mercy, aiey! Thank you with a rhythm with a fashion styley Ragga-ragga"
  • Bomfunk Mc Fashion styley
    "feat. Mr. B Well what you know about the people that originally seasonally replace us? bomfunk can mash it up and mr. big comin' up live and direct leave mercy, aiey! thank you with a rhythm with"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs MC's Ultra Part 2 (Remix)
    "I have a mystical style, combined with common data If a sucker can't catch it, to me, it doesn't matter A fact, equivalent, to a stupid MC I'm greater -- than the rest of them I'ma smack every duck and"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs Ease Back
    "Say what (yea) now ease back To the rear, you hear Eardrums drown, the bass pound Really stupid, we gonna loop this ? scoop it, is that we rock it While ducks jock this Biting and writing and fighting"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs Time To Catch A Body
    "Yeah! We gettin ready to smear peanut butter in the crowd and throw mayonnaise all down your ears You know what? We got some jams for you boy Yo, ? the meltdown on em, check it out A lot of rappers,"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs When I Burn
    "Aiyyo Kool Keith Man I hooked this beat up just for you in the Ultra lab man So yo I want you to dog it, man youknahmsayin? Yeahhh Aight man, so ease back, y'know kick the lyrics man Word up Go"
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs Intro 2
    "one, two coming right back at ya just call yo' dispatcher 90 mile fast ball straight for the catcher stature, tall catch a fall bringing heat to the people like a match to walls now I never did claim to"

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