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Champ elisse

  • Nobody but me - Eightball
    "It ain't no changing me, no matter what you claim to see I can only aim to be, M-J-G If thangs seem strange to me, they can't be the same with me You know it's lame to be, somethin that you know is a lie"
  • Tell me - Erick Sermon
    "feat. MC Lyte, Rah DiggaGet this party started Def Squad, yeah, Flipmode Raw Footage, uh, yeah While I write y'all, jump in take a ride with me New hummer, no Lisa's, a few dom pieces The L-Y-T-E, I"
  • Payback II - Erick Sermon
    "feat. Joe Sinistr Word em up Word em up, ha ha Got the E Double, right there JMJ combined with Grand.. Royal.. Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four Word em up Here we go, Joe Sinistr representin from"
  • Everybody get up - Fat Joe
    "(feat. Timbaland) (Jump off) Timbo and Joey Crack about to FLIP!Yeahhhhhh - FLIP!Yeahhhhhh - FLIP!Yeahhhhhh - FLIP!Yeahhhhhh OH! Get up, get get, get downYou ain't come to party muh'fucker just sit downGet"
  • Oh la la - Dalida
    "Moi qui voulait rester clibataire Afin de ne jamais me laisser faire Je viens soudain de me faire prendre Et voila que sans rien comprendre Je m'en vais mon tour la tte en bas Oh! la la, oh! la la Dans"
  • Si tu me telephones - Dalida
    "Si tu me tlphones oh! oh! ah! ah! Fais bien attention oh oh oh Que se soit pas ma mre qui prenne la communication Il te faudrait lui expliquer qui tu es Ce que tu fais et depuis combien de temps on se"
  • Fuck y'all - DMX
    "Ay yo fuck y'all niggaz (Man fuck you too) Ay yo fuck y'all niggaz (Man fuck you too) It's big dog baby Gettin down like what See I'm a thorough bread I don't fuck wit much Bloodline is Where the pups"
  • Imma put it on her - Day 26
    "Imma put it on herImma Imma put it on herImma Imma put it on herIm a champ on the trackImma put it on herImma Imma put it on herImma Imma put it on herImma Imma put it on herImma put it on herImma Imma"
  • Ego trippin (Part three) - De La Soul
    "(Once again my friend the funky beat has hold and we going on down to the A.M. for you and your friend, sounds here tough on the ear, You know that, coming at you so loud and clear so you have no fear"
  • Tam tam de l'afrique - Iam
    "Ils sont arrivs un matin par dizaines par centaines Sur des monstres de bois aux entrailles de chanes Sans bonjours ni questions, pas mme de prsentations Ils se sont installs et sont devenus les patrons"

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