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Chemikals Brother radiate

  • Little Brother - VINCE GILL
    "We were just kids growing up in West Texas Remember the hell we raised We chased the girls we never could catch them Those were are glory days You called me cowboy Cause I drove a pickup and sang those"
  • Brother Wind - Tim O'Brien
    "Made up my mind to go Some place so far away, I headed west Without a sad goodbye No hugs or tears that way, it's probably for the best Sent cards along the way Said I was looking for a brand new"
  • Brother Lee - Citizen Cope
    "On the highway On the freeway In the airport In the airplane In the airtrain In Brooklyn U.S.A. To a Tinsel Town Where now What the Dodgers play And where they fired it Where they tried it Where they"
  • Big Brother - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I can't vote even though it's not my fault I'd like to see what they believe And if I try I just stop and wonder why Those decisions make me sigh Big Brother isn't watching Big Brother's ignoring"
  • Homeless Brother - Don McLean
    "I was walking by the graveyard, late last Friday night, I heard somebody yelling, it sounded like a fight. It was just a drunken hobo dancing circles in the night, Pouring whiskey on the headstones in"
  • Big Brother - Dear Ephesus
    "The sky is falling. Meet the UFO's. There's bombs and then there's wars. The people are faceless. They're leaving this town. The skay is falling. They're scared of the monsters. These beasts have two heads. You"
  • Brother Mine - Suzanne Vega
    "Sonny boy, you need new sneakers Better go into town and get then Friday night Come to think of it, kid, you need just about everything But I think things are gonna be all right, Yes, I think things are"
  • Brother Sleep - JJ72
    "This room is as white as a ghost In this space you can see your own breath This room is as cold as its host Is it this sleep that is the brother of death? This cloth is as green as an orchard Where the"
  • Little Brother - Dead To Me
    "Four words painted on my wall Telling me that fear created this all From the police to the priests and the project yards They're calling out asking me to change They're telling me to be so afraid My little"
  • Brother anyway - Blenders
    "People of so many different cultures and so many langusges We stand amongst ourselves to stop this mad test We work here as one and we know just what to do And human nature it seeins does the rest. We're"

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