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Chop Suey!');

  • Scrattered Remains, Splattered Brains - Cannibal Corpse
    "Prepare to witness a place of gore Of legal dissection and blood on the floor Carved up corpses, in the corner Sliced up by a psychotic coroner Slice, dice, chop them up haphazardly Like laboratory mice Splatter"
  • My first christmas as a woman - Vandals
    "With Christmas upon us it's time to be honest and follow my dreams and to face a life of delusion and gender confusion no longer will be the case I never wanted army men of basketballs, I only wanted pantyhose"
  • Speed Death - Great Kat
    "Chop open your face! Chop you in the balls! Chop you up and I'll fill your mouth with blood! Swallowing down your flesh! Chomping up on you! Once you were alive! Now you are so dead! SPEED DEATH! SPEED"
  • Skid Mark - Sunk Loto
    "loosen the pants zip down loosen your mind shit down hang flang make it flow it'll slide down below its far to big to fit down that pipe just chop it up and scoop it out release the gasses release the"
  • Trixter - Mulu
    "Something wicked this way comes, Got into the stagnant gates to my heart, Tush, tush, yoo hoo, I'm moving next in line, Blush, bkush, coo coo, these dirty thought are mine. Trixter Her eyes demolished"
  • Lovely Butterfly - Melvins
    "LOVELY BUTTERFLY Nasty nature done for meat Have you cut with all three knives? Sing light for empty suite The lovely butterfly Have you ever only eaten what's alive? Cut the thing for meat Skin cooker"
  • Star Wars - Ewok Celebration - John Williams
    "Yub nub, eee chop yub nub, Freedom, we got freedom, Toe meet toe pee chee keene, g'noop dock fling oh ah. and now that we can be free, c'mon and celebrate. Yah wah, eee chop yah wah, Power, we got"
  • The Ray Charles ton - Chubby Checker
    "Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Wah at the union hall Lets do the Ray Charles-ton Its a brand new call Come on come on baby Gonna have a ball Lets do the Ray Charles-ton And a do it right Lets do the"
  • It's not enought - Reni Jusis
    "Shout to the top and never stop to pop cause if you chop the bop the music will flop Shout to the top and never stop to pop cause if you chop the bop your secret will flop Shout to the top and never stop"
  • Black Me Out - Against Me!
    "I don't ever wanna talk that way again, I don't wanna know people like that anymore. As if there was an obligation, as if I owed you something. Black me out. I wanna piss on the walls of your house, I"

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