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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Matt Bianco Could you be
    "Am I just daydreaming when I think of you are you something I will never find? do I really know where my life's going to? searching for the feelings that I hide could you be? let me show you what I'm feeling-"
  • Beat The Clock Could I Borrow
    "Beat The Clock Miscellaneous Could I Borrow "Could I Borrow" by Beat the Clock off the self-titled album, (c) 1989 Every day I make these lists of things that absolutely have to get done Funny,"
  • Michael Card Could it be
    "In the ebb and flow of living As we wander through the years We're told to listen to a voice We can't here with our ears They say to live by something That you can't see with your eyes Is there really"
  • Trick Daddy Could It Be
    "(feat. Twista) Could it be, you and me? Could it be? (heh heh) Could it be that I'm lost, Gettin' soft and just fallin' in love(fallin' in love heh heh) Could it be, you and me? (for my thugs y'all, nigga) "
  • Course Of Nature Could I've Been
    "Could I've been Something more than what I've become Really wonderful than some Then today I heard a sade sad song I sang And it was wonderful with pain And stop believing and I started thinking It could"
  • The Echoing Green If I Could...
    "Senses start to falter My vision is altered There's a blind wind running Through the trees My memories They deceive so cunningly With no reply With no reprieve I try to chase what I believe Into"
  • Lumidee Could Be Anything
    "It Just Started Like Got You Up In My System And I'm Feeling Right Never Was My Type But You Snuck Up On Me And I Just Took Flight All The Chicks Is Tight Keep Ya Eyes On Me For The Whole Damn Night I"
  • Erasure If I Could
    "I don't believe you know What you're talking 'bout I don't believe you'd go And ever find out for yourself Always got a lot to say Well I'm not listening anyway I'm not listening anyway If I could Make"
  • Tweet Could It Be
    "(Verse 1:) Started out a boy that didn't know the game For so many years I remained same Use to be a love maker, heart breaker, major part player. Never thought that my heart ever change. Since then I"
  • Saliva How Could You?
    "I'm addicted to Everything you do I'm dying inside Your sucking me down It makes me feel, I'm gonna drown It's killing me now All you do is bring me down All this time and all your lies It has to be no"

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