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Faith Hill There Youll Be

  • Leap Of Faith - UnchainD
    "music by Vincent Bocchini lyrics by Vincent Bocchini In the streets you'llfind the people With the wanting to love In the streets you'll see the mercy Of what life has to give (Chorus) A leap of faith"
  • Keep The Faith - Michael Jackson
    "If You Call Out Loud Will It Get Inside Through The Heart Of Your Surrender To Your Alibis And You Can Say The Words Like You Understand But The Power's In Believing So Give Yourself A Chance * 'Cause"
  • Keep The Faith - Aisha
    "Verse 1: Life can make you cry Through the struggles You wonder why Why things have to be so tough In those moments when you've had enough Why did I have to go through this There's got to be more to"
  • Faith Walkin' People - Amy Grant
    "(Brown Bannister & Amy Grant) Well it seems with You there is something new Every time I turn around Oh I never really know quite what to expect But it won't get me down Cause I know You bring each and"
  • Act Of Faith - Olivia Newton-John
    "Sure as we know there will be dawn That we'll see the morning sun We should trust that thru the night Our love will still shine on Sometimes we get too comfortable With things the way they are What we"
  • Returning The Faith - Ty Herndon
    "I pulled on The highway Another day for the wanderer I knew something Was out there Around the corner from where we were You could have Cut and run Straight back to Tennessee But you stood true A real"
  • Faith In Love - Reba McEntire
    "Verse 1: Reba You felt this coming on, you've seen it for a while. But there are no regrets between us, we can leave here with a smile. We have to talk about it, what we've always known. The hardest part"
  • Faith In God - Bad Religion
    "It's alright to have faith in God But when you bend to their rules and their fuckin' lies That's when I start to have pity on you You're living on a mound of dirt But you can't explain your reason of existence Blame"
  • It's Only Faith - Gold City Quartet
    "Verse We've all heard the story about Peter and the boat How the storm raged all around him And fear gripped his soul He kept his eyes on Jesus and called Him with a shout But there wouldn't be a thing"
  • Leap of faith - R.Kelly
    "There is strength deep inside me that I never knew I hadTheres a fire within burnin brightThere is a love inside of me that I never thought Id feelUntil the day you came into my life, yeahAnd it was you"

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