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Haino toni marszal

  • Come On Over Here - Toni Braxton
    "Where do you go when You need good lovin' And how will you know if Love is very hard to find How do you say That you need it everyday Well if you look my way You won't be wastin' time Just come"
  • He Wasn't Man Enough (Album Version) - Toni Braxton
    "Darkchild, oh yeahToni Braxton, ohHa-ha, uh-huhYeah, uh, uhDarkchild yeah Listen girlWho do you think I am?Don't you know that he was my man?But I chose to let him goSo why do you act like I still care"
  • Take This Ring - Toni Braxton
    "Lipstick, perfume The moment all there, yeah My girls waitin outside High heels, tight dress Moves that say hi Don't even say goodbye I remember once upon a time When, when I Would never ever Do anything"
  • Midnite - Toni Braxton
    "Baby.... baby....yeah It goes somethin like this, Bout twenty minutes after six, You see your man gettin ready, Looking fresh to def, He's about to head out, So he gives you a kiss, Says he's about"
  • I Wanna Be (Your Baby) - Toni Braxton
    "I'm gonna put it out there. Lay it on the line. And even if it breaks my heart. I'm giving it a try. Not waiting fot tomorrow confessing it today So baby here it goes I'm out of time. It's do or die. I"
  • The Christmas Song - Toni Braxton
    "Written by Mel Torme, Robert Wells Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos Everybody knows a turkey and"
  • The Little Things - Toni Braxton
    "THE LITTLE THINGS You don't have to buy me all the gold there is in Rome Don't have to surprise me with the most expensive home Don't have to travel round the world for me at all Baby, the way you smile"
  • Give It Back - Toni Braxton
    "(feat. Big Tymers) Give it back, give it back, give it back (Give my uh uh back) Give it back, give it back, give it back (Give my uh uh back) Give it back Give it back, give it back, give it back (Give"
  • A Better Man - Toni Braxton
    "Hello Hello it's me again You're still not home Cause if you were It's after 4 a.m. I wouldn't be here alone See, God give me the strength And the Courage I need When my heart aches for you I have to"
  • Selfish - Toni Braxton
    "Well, it's too late for givin' in I've been waitin' for too long There's no way that I could lose Givin' me the love you've been holding back Today I'm not gonna wait Not anymore, the time is now I'd give"

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