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Hunger florene

  • Wonder - Chalk Farm
    "Life chases fiction With contradiction Pick yourself up It's all right Blood marks the pavement So this is where I am Well stop the car And look around We're getting nowhere I'm not looking for a miracle And"
  • Flatlined - bloodsimple
    "A dusted bone Taste in my throat A skin pulled tight All round my eyes Trapped inside Living that lie I've been sold Your stick in my eye Thorn in my side Hunger owns I've been told Not that"
  • In The New Light - Laibach
    "Brother of mine Do you feel the courage raised by night For the eternal struggle For the beauty of the world? Brother of mine Rekindle the flame in every man Let's be strong as warriors, my brother In"
  • Wolfsfrau - Umbra Et Imago
    "Hunger immer dieser gedanke an Hunger Sie durchstreift die Straen auf der Suche nach Leben Gelchter dringt zu ihr Schritte die sich nhern leises Knurren lsst die nacht vibrieren Statt Leben-satt! Irgendwo"
  • Gramme friday - Fall
    "The people I like liveIn kitchens and halls.I cant reach a decision on this.Can I come back to you on this? Hitler lost his nerve on it.Dr. morel prescribed it wellIts fast debts.I am robertson speedoAnd"
  • Children of the Dark - ROADHOG
    "In the dark we trust The forgotten sons of angels Children of the lust With no hope, no love, no trust Throw away and left alone, Got a Hunger In our souls Lust for freedom, lack of love, ‘cos we are –"
  • K - Vitamin 5
    "Ich mach den Khlschrank auf, der Gestank kommt mir entgegen Faule Eier, dicke Milch, der Kse voller Leben Der Hunger ist schon riesengro, die Gier kennt keine Gnade Und in der alten Gammelwurst liegt 'ne"
  • Stars All Seem To Weep - Everything But The Girl
    "Stayed true to the things I knew when I was younger And food and love was all but left to hunger. 'Cause when I stray from my truth as I grow older Too much leaves an empty hollow hunger. I think"
  • Dizzy With Wonder - Anja Garbarek
    "There were buildings here long ago But now the blade of grass cuts my feet I proceed with caution and lay low Just visible through the trees Breathing carefully I crawl up Onto the surface of tension I"
  • Veils Of Wintersorrow - Obtained Enslavement
    "(Music: Heks/Words: Dden) I am the shadow of your pain in existence You please my nocturnal hunger My hunger for the black moons arise from the white sky Unlighted by the frozen fires of winter My nordic"

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