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  • Bitter Tears - INXS
    "In the mist Of my endless search The best in life Becomes clear The rest just begins To fade by itself That's a trick I learnt Though it took so long Bitter tears taste so sweet I'm seeing my way For"
  • Remember Who's Your Man - INXS
    "Sugar, I want to know you, know you inside out Mystery surrounds you, got to figure it out Driving downtown to your house, your lights are never on You got me hooked, I wanna drown Without your hand I'm"
  • Hungry - INXS
    "The world is a hungry place and it's never satisfied You're leaving home, on the run, your mama, she was right Home was a crowded space but it sometimes gratified Look around, freedom found, now you've"
  • Never Let You Go - INXS
    "Everything's good when it's sunshine, you should see me in the rain Everyone knows what it feels like to have to start over again But I can't start over again, again, again, again If someday I find me"
  • Like It Or Not - INXS
    "Sex is sex and love is love, mix 'em both up, baby, that's the stuff I can't believe I'm seeing the world come tumbling, crumbling down Yeah, this love the world's receiving, more chance of it on shutting"
  • Full Moon Dirty Hearts - INXS
    "Full moon in a dirty sky That's all we can hope for, yeah Full moon over dirty hearts Full moon over dirty hearts Don't be surprised By the way it is I've broken bones for less, yes I took a voyage"
  • Freedom Deep - INXS
    "Show me the way Give away The truth I'm looking for I need a new way Out of here The door Is opening Freedom take me deeper Freedom take me deeper All the blue days Gone astray The clouds Are giving"
  • Kill The Pain - INXS
    "Put the red lights on Don't tell them that you've gone Leave behind your fears You know they can't be wrong Kill the pain you feel Kill the pain you feel I know you've seen some things That buried you"
  • Cut Your Roses Down - INXS
    "And it comes down to this When you take a look Got to find a reason Find it out What the fuck it's about All you lovers Take a look around Before they cut your roses down All they've got is bones and"
  • The Messenger - INXS
    "Look around Give your eyes a new adventure What you see Is a mix of past and future Your moment Is coming now Hold on / Hold on How you gonna be when tell the story Everything we took Was it from each"

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