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Jann Arden Weeds

  • Only One - Jann Arden
    "If I come back If I return If I can last my fate on this earth I'll be baptized I'll pray to them all I'll lay down in the water and drown away my faults Will you think of me then When you're all alone Or"
  • When You Left Me - Jann Arden
    "When you left me I was inside Of my head for a year All the memories that were broken Deeply buried there Was my heart lost in the chaos Never to be found When you left me I got older I had all but died I"
  • Ruby Red - Jann Arden
    "You don't know me You don't own me You don't show me That you love me like no other You don't hold me You don't know me You don't love me anymore so Go You don't need me You can't see me You don't please"
  • The Right Road Home - Jann Arden
    "Show me the way and I'll go Give me a sign so I'll know Put me back on the right road home Right road home Leave a light at the door Keep a boat by the shore Send a message with your heart Let me sleep"
  • Calling God - Jann Arden
    "Every leaf on every tree And every drop of water in the sea Every grain of weathered sand That smashes itself onto dry land Every stone and every petal, everything that's elemental You are never gone Calling"
  • Where No One Knows Me - Jann Arden
    "Got my suitcase Got my dog I'm packing up my life so far Got my pictures Got some cash I'm getting out of here at last Got my hands on the wheel, got my foot on the pedal Gonna drive til I drop, til"
  • I'd Be Glad - Jann Arden
    "If I had everything I wanted And there was nothing left to get If every lover I had fought with Was on their knees to get me back... Id be glad.. If I had everything I hoped for If everything had gone"
  • At Seventeen - Jann Arden
    "I learned the truth at seventeen That love was meant for beauty queens And high school girls with clear skinned smiles Who married young and then retired. The valentines I never knew The Friday night charades"
  • Bring The Boys Home - Jann Arden
    "Fathers are pleading, lovers are all alone, mothers are prayin, send our sons back home. Oh you marched them away, on ships and planes, to a senseless war, facing death in vain. -Chorus- Bring the boys"
  • Elsewhere - Jann Arden
    "My heart is in my hand My hand is in the cloud My feet have left the ground My life is turning around and round Every voices in my head telling me to run like mad Oh bows and arrows stars and sunset"

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