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Jenny studio killers

  • Killers And The Destroyers - Saint
    "The killers and the destroyers These kings of doom rule the world Yet we're not aware You can't see them and no you can't here them Their evil deeds reflect the prince of the power of air In this world"
  • Clap for the Killers - Street Sweeper Social Club
    "Clap For The Killers Now can you clap for the killers? Give it up for them gangsters One time for the killers Double up for them gangsters Well I wrote this for criminals But all of yall should listen"
  • Calvin Klein's The Killers - Amen
    "Attention I was born an amputee inside here Who cant turn and pledge allegiance We just fall in line and we just fall behind We default your Procreation We default your assassination PARALYZED We're PARALIZED We"
  • Killers Of The Unborn - Barren Cross
    "Imagine you are standing on a stage In another time, in another age. They begin to cheer at the sound of your guitar Out of control, rock'n'roll, you are a star Midnight, warrior, like a dream, wake up! Fifty"
  • Serial killers don't kill - Front 242
    "Here, under your bed I wait for you 'Cause I know, I know you want me to Skeleton in your closet was never so true You're so very pretty when you're turning blue When I hear the sound of your voice You"
  • Jenny Tries Cocaine - Nuts Can Surf
    "I got all my senses ...on a plate I got all the bells ...ringin late I got donkey skin ... I got a scuba fin ... I got fantastic colors ...like oxygen I got spicy grease ... I got picked up by the police"
  • T.V. Studio - The Who
    "He'll raise your weary spirits high My son will teach your silent hearts to talk Every home will have his picture Pilgrims all will touch his hand Pinball tables gold and silver Altars to the Master's"
  • Thank God For Pain Killers - One Dead Three Wounded
    "I bite my nails until they bleed. I close my eyes, I disappear. She was my heroin; she was my love and hate. She was perfection in a pill that takes me away. This is life as addiction. This is love without"
  • Late Night Studio Sessions - Hodak/2K
    "dziś ścieram se topa jak Bergson Warszawa Ochota tam gdzie maszynowa krzyżuje sieli z Włodarzewską wrzucana jest zwrota na bit 2K ni bit podsyła prędko ty, zoba na chłopa co jebnał robimy bang, prr, bankroll stres"
  • Fashion Pack (Studio 54) - Amanda Lear
    "It was night and suddenly I felt like dancing I took a cab to show me to the disco scene he said: o.k. you wanna see those crazy people hastling at the door to get into Studio 54. Well I was in and everybody"

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