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  • Blowing Kisses - Twelve Tribes
    "glass eyes on the way down burn me wishes from the sky wet my cheeks please take away this sobbing i just want my angel to hold me glass eyes burn deep and you watch me cry please don't let me fade don't"
  • Pills & kisses - Donots
    "So sleepless and so sedated So black-eyed and all worn out So downcast but still not hopeless You cure me when you're around I know you're there I know you'll be waiting there All the time I know you're"
  • If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love - Rasputina
    "Every time that I hear a woman cry because her man has left her flat I just feel like say-ing don't be such a fool, you fool better dry your eyes, can't you realize you gain nothing by that well that's"
  • Get Back - Natalia
    "Get back! Get back! I wanna get back to the love we had, get back get back, to the bliss we shared, get back gotta relight the fire that used to burn relive the love that used to turn us on and on and"
  • Back Down - Sugababes
    "I like my man rough I like my man tough But he's gotta be smooth When he giving my love I like my man clean Like the cut of his jeans It's like a long vine Take a minute for me He gotta smell good Treat"
  • Clap Back - Ja Rule
    "Yeah, yeah.. haha yeah! I gotta get my headphones All my gangsta niggaz is in the building on this one! You know! Yeah yeah ya know It's real!! Hussein what's happ'nin nigga? I see you, aight Shadow what's"
  • End Of Pretend (feat. Matthew Koma) - Black Cards
    "It's just a kiss with the force of a fist And I just wanted your heart to know Our love is leaving you pistol whipped And our heat kicks your teeth down your throat. Maybe it's the end, baby, it's the"
  • Find You (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) - Zedd
    "Silent love is calling faith To shatter me through your hallways Into echoes you can feel And rehearse the way you heal Make them dance Just like you Cause you make me move Yeah you always make me go I'll"
  • Kisses Of Fire - La Luna
    "Your kisses of fire Burning a way into my heart You feel my desire Even when we are apart Your kisses of fire ... Give me your lips The lips only I can barrow Love me tonight And let the devil have tomorrow Your"
  • Love And Kisses - Dannii Minogue
    "Ooh I I want your love and kisses Ooh, Ooh, Ooh What kind of girl do you think i am? Is it the plain Jane type? What kind of love do you think i want? A real love, or just more hype All I want"

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